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  1. ok guys so i just got a new set of renthal handlebars (7/8). they are in the carmichael bend, the bad thing is my moose standard barkbusters want fit because of the bend. any suggestions on a set of barkbusters that will fit?
  2. mxjake115

    rejetting help

    do u know how the 03 YZF has its jetting?? (stock)
  3. mxjake115

    rejetting help

    so i just got a new fmf pipe for my 03 wr250f and im going to do the grey wire mod and airbox mod. what do yall think i need to set my carb to?
  4. mxjake115

    2003 wr250f

    so a 03 yz rear fender will fit. what about the number plate?
  5. mxjake115

    2003 wr250f

    its an 03.
  6. mxjake115

    2003 wr250f

    heys guys im looking to change my front and rear lights to sraight up mx fender/number plate any suggestions to what will fit?? also will the new yz front fender fit a wr??