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  1. twin air is what i like to use but there pretty much all the same as long as you take care of them every ride, as for oil i use motul tends not to run out of the filter when you put to much in.
  2. turns out when he put the cap back on the seal came out so all good now
  3. lol he has his bike in his kitchen, what a legend
  4. use the dipstick and for the transmission side use the oil check bolt
  5. hydraulic clutch, black rims, red hubs, launch control, red tripple clamps, bash plate and height adjustable foot pegs
  6. Hey guys recently changed the springs in my crf250r 2010 to suit my weight of 121 pounds. What i want to know is what is revalving, how do i do it, and what will it achieve thanks lachie
  7. ok i texted the guy and he said he had it revalved, how would i go about revalving it for my weight
  8. thanks well i bought the bike second hand and he had the springs set up for a 190 pound rider, im not sure if he changed the valving. The were a few rings in the box that came with the springs, are those for revalving? do they sit on the spring guide?, i noticed that there was 1 on those metal rings in the fork on top of a brown ring siting on the spring guide.
  9. Just wondering what octane i should be using in my 2010 crf250r, my mechanic at the local honda dealer says to use 91 because all that 98 and 95 octane stuff has a lot of junk in it mainly designed for cars not dirt bikes, he said you couldn't tell the difference on the track but if you look at your spark plug its not burning the fuel properly? would be interested to know what octane you guys running?
  10. ok thanks mate
  11. get the arc levers, they make the ASV feel like junk. some may disagree but thats just my opinion. Also maybe look into a better case saver iv had friends on run stock savers and have them crack straight through.