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  1. For hardcore racing, these are MXA’s recommended 2011 YZ450F shock settings (stock settings are in parentheses). Spring rate: 5.7 kg/mm Race sag: 100mm Hi-compression: 1-1/2 turns out (1-1/4 stock) Lo-compression: 7 clicks out (8 clicks out) Rebound: 11 clicks out (14 clicks out) Notes: Most MXA test riders preferred less high-speed compression.
  2. Had the same problem with my 2011 yz450. Very frustating at first but with the help of a friend I setup my suspension with motocrossactionmag.com recommendations and it help alot, feel very comfortable riding now.
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    lookin for riders close by

    I'm looking for new people to ride with also...I know a few trail all about 30 minutes outside of Winston. Send me your number or email so when can get together and ride.