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  1. well the 2010 250r we had actually did the EXACT same thing this 2012 is doing, and we sold it because of it. On the 2010 we actually sent the ecu out to Eddie Sisneros? I think it was Sisneros Speed Works? problem didn't change at all, if anything the bike actually ran worse.
  2. I dont know what it is about this bike. I think it's just all the fuel injected bikes. We had a 2010 crf250r that had the same problem. Say you're in first gear just going 2 miles an hour. the throttle surges and just does not feel smooth at all. You cant keep a consistent rpm, almost as if the rpms are racing. I don't know how to smooth this out. From the parking lot to the track I cant just ride with one hand anymore because the damn thing is like surging and bucking around, unless I get up to 15 mph in second gear and piss everyone off for speeding through the pits. Anyone have any advice on this? I can only imagine it on tight single track...
  3. You know i've still got the original competition manual for this bike, and I cant find anything in it with a procedure to check AP timing either. dont really have any specs or anything to go off :/
  4. first off what is everyone with this year running for their float bowl level? Stock is 6mm but I read somewhere pro circuit is raising it 2mm? I have the fmf power needle in the 3rd position, 175 main, 45 pilot, qs3 leak jet, and its running okay, but it kind of bogs down low. Almost feels like a 2 stroke before it breaks into the power band. San Jose california. So what like 100 ft above sea level here?

    crf hesitation issues

    yeah that's kind of what I figured, we have a 2010 ktm and it doesnt do it on that bike though so I was wondering if there was somthing I was missing!
  6. Hi all, been reading posts on here for years but never made an account! have a couple questions I have a 2005 crf450r and my girlfriend has a 2006 crf250r. both bikes Ive jetted and they run great however they both have the same issue when revving on the stand. If you blip the throttle quickly it will bog for a second or just cut out. when revving you kind of have to roll the throttle to avoid killing it. its driven me crazy for years but they dont act like that at all when riding. Any Ideas? 450 has the boysen accelerator pump. 250 has the boysen qs3 adjustable accelerator pump.