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    Suzuki Transmissions

    When i purchased my 2010 rmz 250, it had 0 hours on the new engine, and it was ready to go to the track. But after about five laps on the motocross track, it would start to hit false nuetral. Which is very dangerous because you will go over the bars on the landing of the jump. Cut to 2:25, it shows him hitting False Nuetral and endoing. We had to take it back to the guy we bought it from and he pulled the engine and sent it to a shop in tennesee. They split the cases and put the 2012 transmission in, which was supposed to fix it. But then, our Engine and Suspenion guy told us that there is no fix and it will only hold for a while. The moral of this crazy story is that suzuki WILL NOT PAY FOR THE REBUILD! They looked the other way on every case. The rmz is now running great! but Our guy now says the transmission is starting to go again, when going into turns, between first and second, no matter how hard i kick the shift lever up or down, it hits nuetral.