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  1. Ontario

    i guess we wont see mrenduro and andy43 in the Ganny this summer
  2. im from uxbridge, which is north toronto,, but i think the closest place is the ganaraska forest,, i've never been but am planning on it when it opens
  3. Ontario

    lol, i know, i have been working on my bike,, i just got it in january, working on making it road legal, just finnished my lights, exhaust, intake, jets, went out yesterday in the fields,, its rockin, haha cant wait,,
  4. Ontario

    my brother and i may be interested in joining possibly, we both kinda new at the offroad bike thing, i have a crf230f and my brother has a yz125
  5. Ontario

    ya i would be interested in this too. i just got a bike and would be willing to take on a beginner race, haha,
  6. Ontario

    ya i am wanting to do some ganny riding this summer, its not too far from uxbrdge, like kyle i am the only one of my friends who has a bike and would like someone to ride with,, i'd be willing to meet up at the ganny on a sat or sunday when it opens, as i have never been and could use a tour guide,,
  7. just buy some handgaurds for 50,
  8. Ontario

  9. ok, but is a kit for a 2007 going to work on a 2003? because dynajet only lists for a 2005-up,,
  10. did you charge the battery before you put it in the bike? some batteries don't come charged,
  11. i have been looking online to get a jet kit for this bike, but all i can find is for 06-on, anyone point me in the right direction