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  1. OMG! Well I think I've just found out why it's blown 2 rectifiers. After finally getting the bike to run with the above problem, I then set about giving the bike a new piston and camchain. All went smoothly, I then opened all 3 oil filters and found something scary, 5 small chunks of steel, now I just thought hey maybe they have been there since new, cleaned it all out and re filled with oil, started like a dream! Let her run for 5 mins, shut it off and re started with no problem. Shut her off again, got my kit on to give her a test up the road, and she wouldn't start, killed the battery immediately! Now I suddenly remember a while back that I noticed the starter motor wouldn't disengage properly after starting but soon sorted itself out, with this in mind I took the stator cover of and OMG there was metal bits everywhere! Turns out the freewheel bearing is destroyed but thankfully all the bits are in one place and it has not damaged anything else. Drained the oil out again but nothing on the sump plug magnet and nothing in the filter so look like I may be lucky enough not to have to split casings. (K)eeps (T)aking (M)oney strikes again. Another £200 to spend!!! Bloody bikes!
  2. kwakstan

    any ideas, magic button don't work

    I've haut have major issues starting a excf on the button, turned out to be a faulty rectifier unit. But it was on a 2012 excf. Hope this helps...
  3. Sorted!! After a phone call to ktm uk, they told me how to test the alternator which checked out ok, so ordered a new rectifier/regulator, bike starts and runs fine again. £350 later! Ouch! Damn electrics!!
  4. Well I'm still tearing my hair out, it still won't run the fuel pump after tapping the start button, just spent loads buying a new loom and still have the same problem. It must be either the alternator or the rectifier/regulator but I have no idea how to test them. Anyone know the resistance values of the stator coil windings?? And does anyone know how to test a rectifier?? Thanks in advance....
  5. Hi, he was just riding on the road to the shop, then it wouldn't start. All fuses checked, power exactly where it should be. I've had the loom out of the bike and tested every wire and all check ok, now in the past we have had to change the rectifier/regulator as it wouldn't charge the battery, also had a new battery at the same time less than 12 months ago. It seems to kill the battery really quickly too as I've tried the one off my xcf on it and it drained it real quick when trying to start. What puzzles me tho is how the Ecu knows when to power up the power relay from the tapping of the starter button, if you look at the wiring diagram you will see the starter circuit is totally separate from everything else, so I can only guess the Ecu is transistorised and senses a slight decrease in voltage as the starter relay is engaged and then supply's a negative/ground to the power relay trigger which won't work!!!, the Ecu is fine as it works fine on my bike, as are the relays. I've managed to bodge it for now by using another kill switch to supply a negative/ground to the power relay trigger when tapped which works fine but isn't how it should be. Any electrical experts out there!!' I can only hope.... Cheers for reading guys.
  6. kwakstan

    '04 EXC brake fluid

    It's fine just don't use dot 5.
  7. Hi guys, I've just had a friend drop his bike off with the strangest of problems. It's a excf 2012 250. Now as u all know with the efi electric start all you have to do is just touch the button to pressurise the system then swing her over to start. But on touching the button the fuel pump will not run, and no click from the power relay after 10 seconds. At first I thought it was the relay, but after several kicks she fired but only off a kick, stop the bike and u can clearly hear the power relay clicking off, now if u hit tap the start button before the power relay clicks off the fuel pump swings over ok and u can re start the bike but if u wait too long the fuel pump won't run. Now this is definitely an electrical problem and I'm pretty good with electrics being an electrical engineer but I can't find anything wrong, loom checks ok to all relays and Ecu. Tried a different Ecu and have the same issue, I've studied the wiring diagram time and time again and just can't figure out why that Damn power relay won't power up on tapping the start button. Agghhhh help I'm at my wits end. Thanks in advance. Stan.
  8. kwakstan

    Won't run with dead battery?

    It's the excf 250, just had the fuel filter changed, put a new battery on and she ran fine for a few hrs then started spluttering again, now it seems headlight won't stay on, comes on when reving up the engine but flickers flashes on and off, I think it's the rectifier but would like someone's opinion I anyone knows anything?? Cheers guys for any input..
  9. kwakstan

    Won't run with dead battery?

    Well bad news I'm afraid! Bike ran fine for a few hours with the new battery but then started spluttering, popping banging, and will not run properly! If it was mine I'd insure it and set fire to the damn thing! Oh well it's gone back to the local dealer, just glad my xcf doesn't have this problem...
  10. kwakstan

    Won't run with dead battery?

    Brilliant thank you, can't believe it needs a battery to run, what were ktm thinking! Oh well we have fitted a new battery and the bike seems fine now. Many thanks.,
  11. Hi guys, my friend has recently brought a excf 250 2012 model, it was fine for a month but during the last outing it just died, started up fine but ran for 10 seconds and does again, time and time again, so after first assuming the fuel filters were the problem I removed them and they were full of black gunk, mainly in the in tank filter. So replaced these and cleaned the injector to find we still have the same problem, oh forgot to add she wouldn't even turn over at the time of failure just made lots of relay clicking sounds. So took the battery off my xcf and hey presto she runs fine again, BUT if I disconnect the battery while it's running it then dies instantly which my xcf doesn't, now I think it's the regulator but am unsure, I've checked all the fuses and even tried a different starter relay but no success. The generator is definitely working as I've also checked that. So where or wot next is the question??? Any help greatly appreciated. Regards. Stan
  12. kwakstan

    1981 Dt 175 timing issue?

    Pretty sure it's either a 1981 or 82, single single shock, air cooled drum brakes.
  13. kwakstan

    1981 Dt 175 timing issue?

    Thanks for the reply, I will check the exhaust but am pretty sure it's clear, as for electrics they are not the points version, it's the Cdi and pickup coil version. I'll have another go at the weekend
  14. kwakstan

    1981 Dt 175 timing issue?

    Hi guys, I've been given an old dt175 to try and get running which was sold as a non runner, it starts up but just won't rev up , now I've been repairing bikes for 15 years and never seen this before, the exhaust is clear, carb is spotless, good crankseals, good reeds, lots of compression, it's had a rebuild but never run. I have 2 engines and they both do the same thing, but only one set of electrics will start the bike, the bad one seems to give a weak spark, but looking at the stators they have the coils mounted in different positions, but from the same model engine?? I don't understand why they are different... Testing the spark reveals nothin unusual, it give a bright blue spark every rotation . But sounds like it's only firing every 5 rotations when it's running. Haha sounds like. Ding!......."pause"......ding......."pause".......ding. Anyway I believe the timing is wrong but can't figure out why, can only adjust it a bit and no matter where it is it still does the same thing, Any help would be great, Regards, stan