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  1. slyderHD

    200 yards of dirt

    a yard of dirt is actually a cubic yard. So 3x3x3 feet. thats 27 cubic feet in a yard. So 5400 cu ft. Good size pile
  2. slyderHD

    Painting a helmet?

    how do you think all them one off helmets get done for NASCAR? NHRA? INDY? ect? Thats paint.
  3. thats an old hot rod trick from the 50s. Old coil, spark plug, switch.....does the same thing.
  4. slyderHD

    Powder Coated my rims

    its an 04 I picked up in March for $1000. Ive stuck some money in it but i dont plan on selling it any time soon. The only thing on the bike i havent touched is the motor......other than shimming valves it has been great. I might tear into it this winter just for peace of mind
  5. slyderHD

    Powder Coated my rims

    also ....I hated the fenders on this bike until I got the rims done. I was going to switch to the late model front fender and plate. But now its kinda growing on me.
  6. slyderHD

    Powder Coated my rims

    No i did all the prep. As long as its bare metal there isnt much to do to it other than scuff it with scotch brite and wipe it down with some prep solvent. I wanted to do the hubs but Ive heard of stories where the hubs will weaken from the 20 minutes of 350 degree heat thats applied to flow the powder. So i rattle canned them instead. Its a local lawn equipment manufacturer. They make aerators, rakes, seeders ect. The shop foreman is a big ol biker and started doing this stuff for people. They charge by the area they have to cover. I did a whole 50 gallon barrel trailer that I pull behind my Road King for $75!
  7. slyderHD

    Powder Coated my rims

    Powder coated my rims last week. Dropped them off at 9am and got them back at 11am! Cost me a whopping $17! Painted the hubs with Rustoleum metallic blue and laced them up with Pro Wheels stainless spokes. New All Balls bearings too. Totally changed the look of the bike (cause thats whats important right?)
  8. slyderHD

    New Bike Vs Fixing Old?

    I bought an 04yz250f in March and planned on trading up next spring but after riding it this summer I like it and it turned out to be a really good bike. So i just sprung it for my weight, DRD pipe, changed to 1 1/8 bars and a slew of other stuff. Its familiar, its reliable, it was cheap. To date with the cost of the bike i have maybe $3000 invested and its almost like new. Gonna do a 290 kit and bottom end this winter (if it needs it). I had a guy ride it seconds after he did a moto on his 2012 Kawi 250 and he said he liked how the yz handled.
  9. slyderHD

    under stocked shops

    my local shop is a Yamaha dealer and service shop .........they didnt even have valve shims!
  10. slyderHD

    2012 YZ250f - pipe options

    I have heard FMFs customer service is really good for the guys that have had problems with their exhaust.
  11. slyderHD

    2012 YZ250f - pipe options

    got friends that run FMF and they all say they dont last very long. Broken welds on both header and muffler. You have to drill the rivets to repack and the ones ive heard up close are loud. I like the DRD i just bought. Very well made.
  12. slyderHD

    exhaust choices for 04 yz250f

    ATV Galaxy had the best price on ebay. Yeah I was amazed to see it was the new design instead of the old. They had like 15 available.
  13. thats some seriously sloppy safety wiring there.
  14. slyderHD

    exhaust choices for 04 yz250f

    got my DRD on today. Sounds great and looks good.