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    I sold my bike! Traded it in for a 2002 Chevy Cavalier 5 speed manual! I will be active again once I get another bike! So Adios for now!
  1. O I never thought of that lol stupid me. Still don't know where to find em
  2. That sounds like a very important question. Do you want to look like a goon? cut them? maybe get some fenders off a little yz80 or something lol I never heard of any company that makes stubby fenders.
  3. wow how does it hold up? Does it chip off or flake or anything?
  4. saaweeeeeet wheels dude! nice bike
  5. If I had to pick a number it would be 726 cause its my birthday July 26, what could I use to put numbers on my bike? do they make white duct tape? because I have black stickers over my number plates and I don't want to take them off. and I don't wanna use regular silver duct tape because that would look too ghetto. lol
  6. haha yeah this winter was actually a pretty nice one, I like the little to no snow we had. Where do you like to ride?
  7. Ah welcome to the forum fellow Minnesotan-er! I too am a bit new to this site. Where abouts in MN are you located? I live southwest of the big cities.
  8. Its because when the bike sits after a ride overnight all the oil drains from the frame oil reservoir into the crankcase, then when you start it the oil starts circulating again and fills the frame reservoir, that's how it works from what I understand. Maybe do a search, chances are this topic has been covered before.
  9. I run a 13/49 I mostly ride woods and hay fields lol. Hopefully I can start MX'ing in a couple years.
  10. It's hard to say what exactly it was that caused it, the guy above me gave a good example of what may have caused it, but you never really know until you start tearing it down... Let the fun begin!
  11. Well I dont ride mx tracks I mainly ride trails through my woods (which is pretty small) and open hay fields (which are medium to small) but top speed is 70mph. From my perspective I think my gearing is a pretty good all around combination.
  12. I run a 13 in front and 52 in back. (I think its 52, 50 something Idk exactly.) I believe you can do this without any other mods. Top end means the cylinder head and cylinder for maintenence and bottom end means the crankcase and everything in it. For riding terms top end means high rpms and bottom end means low rpm
  13. I'm just going to get a new tube and use the old one if I'm ever in a $pinch$. New tube is like $25 at a shop I occasianly go to. WD-40 really does work wonders as to getting the tire off and on.
  14. Alright so I pulled out the tube and found the holes, there's just two real tiny pinholes right next to each other so would it be fine with just a patch or should I not risk it and just get a new tube ? also where the valve stem connects to the tube there's a nut and it is a little rusted.
  15. Ok well it is a little on the loud side but you can buy an adjustable noise suppressor, it makes the bike really quiet but sound horrible.