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  1. for some reason i still really like both bikes one thing i really dont like about the aprilia is there is no kick start
  2. which one is better i would like to do some woods and jumps i weigh 240 5 11
  3. the 380 is a 99 and does the 380 have speedo
  4. there are two bikes in my area for sale and i dont know which one to get. I want to take it on trails and to a motorcross track every so often. Im scared that the exc380 is too old and hard to find parts but im not sure on it. Which one would be a better fit.
  5. oh and can you fix the battery problem on the kawasaki
  6. ok this a bid decision maker which bike has high and low beam?
  7. Orignally i was looking in too exotics but then i found so many problems with the bikes i wanted which one of these is the best for doing some jumps and just riding i would like to dual sport it. PLEASE tell me by riding experience
  8. i like both bikes and am going to get them plated i am looking right now and saw these. im not to shure about mixing oil though.
  9. thanks guys for the info post if you can think of any more
  10. thanks all of you guys and what do you guys think about the aprilia rxv450 and husaberg fe450 just wondering i forgot about the ktm but they would probably be the easisiet to fix
  11. haha thanks guys any other possible options and personal expirences as a bigger rider
  12. i am 230 and 5 11 i would like to get a bike to do some jumps and ride short distances on road to get to trails. i would like to stay european and more exotic than japanese thanks guys
  13. i am 16 and looking for a bike that i can take on the track but also ride to work and school i really like the aprilia rxv450 but wanted to see what other options that i havnt thought of are out there and i would like to keep it under 4500 thats another reason why i like the aprilia