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  1. haybine

    New bike selection help

    well then that changes my opinion. A 450 would be a much better option. I never even considered that a bike would be on the road. HAHAHA.
  2. haybine

    New bike selection help

    Chris, I was talking to you in chat earlier. IMO, for a trail bike, i think you would be happier with either a 250F or possibly KTM 250 stroke. The KTM would be my first choice. They seem to have done a great job with flattening out the power for a 2t. And the lighter weight will make a big difference on the trail. If not the KTM then I would look at a 250F. I personally ride a KX450f (but i ride MX) so this is not a 2t vs 4t kind of opinion. I just think the 450 is just too heavy of a bike for technical riding and will take a lot of the fun out of it. I also have a CR125 and if i went out on the trail, I think it would be more fun than the 450 and that is what you are trying to do is have fun, right?
  3. Funny, just last week received a shipment from Motosport. It was "packed by M. Alessi". I thought what the heck is up with that.
  4. haybine

    Riding in Texas ...............

    Going to an off road park is really no comparison to what you are used to. Not even remotely similar. Not saying that there is no element of fun but it just isnt the same as riding in Arizona, Utah, or Colorado. If doing that kind of riding is very important to you, you may regret moving.
  5. haybine

    need a riding buddy in Houston Texas

    Hey, I am always looking for someone to ride with. Only been riding about a year. Tracks only, no trail riding. We ride 3 Palms and Rio Bravo. Been riding a CR125 for the past year and just bought a KX450F. Spent all day Friday, Saturday, and Sunday at 3 Palms trying it out. My son rides a KX65 so if it is on the weekends he is usually with me, but i ride quite a bit during the week by myself too. 3 Palms is alway well groomed and ready to ride after rain before anything else but gets crowded on the weekends. Rio is not groomed nearly as well (i think mostly due to the soil type) but is actually my favorite place to ride. Weekends are never too busy and Wednesdays you have the place to yourself till later in the afternoon when people start showing up. Also after the rain, it can take forever to dry out. Hit me up sometime.