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  1. MC422

    Yoshimura RS4 insert

    Yoshi only offer a 94db insert for the Honda I ordered a new insert to replace the original 94db insert with a spark arrestor. The new one has the same diameter as the original, but it's about two inches longer. If I remove the spark arrestor mesh from the original one, will there be any difference will be between the two? i.e. same diameter long insert Vs short insert. BTW, if anyone wants to sell me an RS4 99 or 96 db insert (2010 CRF250), let me know! Yosh only sell 94db inserts as a replacement part, which sux!
  2. MC422

    Yoshimure 94db insert

    I have a 94 db insert for a CRF250. I'll measure when I get home tonight. I'm after a 99db insert but it doesn't look like you can buy them as a part. Wanna sell yours?
  3. MC422

    Yoshimura 94db insert

    I have a 94 db insert for a CRF250, I'll measure when I get home from work if it helps?
  4. My Update: After turning the nuts upside down & fitting the thinner MTB padding, I did gain more range, but it still wasn't good enough hence I'm not wearing my Leatt these days.
  5. Just to let anyone who is interested know, there is a black plastic nut on the rear wing adjustment screws. It has a guide pin nob type thing on the inside that fits in the slot to make sure it all aligns when sliding the rear wing up and down. If you flip the nut so that the nob is on the top side of the screw (when holding the brace in normal upright position), you can get the rear wing slid down an extra 3mm lower, with the screws bumped right up against the edge of the adjustment slots. I've made the adjustment and the extra 3mm makes a difference. Also, Leatt make a DBX brace now for mountain biking. It is exact lythe same as the GPX, except it has thinner padding, meaning more range of motion. Leatt don't recommend it for motox, they don't say why, but I have ordered a setof the replacement DBX pads to try them out. Not sure if i need them anymore as i havent tested with the new set up on the bike yet.
  6. I just bought one of the aviator's and I have the problem with the Leatt brace. Looking at the shape of the Aviator, I suspected beforehand that this might be a problem, but I wanted the top of the range helmet. I'm getting a lot less range of movement compared to my old Airoh Stelt helmet, but I haven't tried riding with the new set up yet. My Leatt is adjusted to the maximum setting. I'm debating whether or not to send the helmet back, or to give it a try, but if it isn't acceptable I've kind of wasted alot of money. Or I could stop wearing the neck brace. I noticed that Antonio Cairoli stopped wearing his since upgrading to the Aviator. Or maybe I should send the helmet back and buy a lower model i.e. Airoh Stelt Easy. Steve, I'd be interested to know which part of your helmet touches the neck brace first ... whether it is the pointy bit on the the rim of the shell or the back of the shell. And which length arms do you use on the brace? I have the medium "arms" at the hinge/clip joint, I suppose longer ones might make the brace sit lower and further back at the rear. BiggerKevo, did you solve the problem?