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  1. So do I use both the link and the rocker from a 150? Excuse my ignorance, but I've never messed with the suspension at all other than adjusting preload on the shock.
  2. I was thinking about putting the 150 rocker on. So around 1". I'm 5'11" and weigh about 200 in full riding gear. The bike looks kind of small for me, but it could all be in my head.
  3. Does the RSW clamp increase front height?
  4. Increased clearance
  5. Ok guys, I've got a 230 and I'm trying to raise the ride height a little. I know the rear is easy enough by just swapping out the rocker, but what about the front? I found a triple clamp that BBR used to make, but I can't find one still out there for sale anywhere. I don't really want to go through the hassle and expense of swapping out the forks. Does anyone know of another option for raising the front other than swapping out the forks, perhaps another manufacturer that makes a triple clamp similar to the one below? How negatively will the ride be effected by just raising the rear?
  6. Well to each his own, but I think with regards to the rear shock I will try out Hlebo. I have heard nothing but good things about his work, and it's less than half the cost of a works shock! The only thing that I see in the works shock that I do prefer is that you can adjust it. I'm assuming that once John does his work for my weight and riding style that I will have to send it back to him if my weight or riding style changes in the future? Is this correct?? The only reason I ask is because I have started to take the bike out to the track and ride. Now before all the people chime in and say it's not a motocross bike, let me just tell you that I DON"T CARE, and I know that it is a trail bike and not a MX bike. That being said I ride both trails and on the track, so the adjustable works shock does sound nice.
  7. those with does the bike handle whoops now with the emualtors installed? what about compared to usd forks?
  8. I noticed that you have also put in a wiseco piston on your 230. Did you have to do anything to the cylinder or is it the same overall dimension as the stock piston?
  9. sounds like emulators will be the first thing to try. thanks for the advice guys
  10. how much did you end up spending overall on the swap?
  11. mainly trail riding, but would like to get it out on the track some too
  12. thats not the question here. one i don't have the money for that and two i don't want all the maintenance
  13. Ok guys I'm looking for several opinions here so the more the better! I've got a 08 230 and as we all know something must be done about the suspension. I'm sending the shock off to Hlebo, thanks to Vortec, so I've already got the rear taken care of. What I'm debating between is what to do with the forks. I can't make up my mind between emulators or doing a USD conversion. The emulators are obviously much cheaper and will cause a lot less headaches when it comes to installation. However, I don't mind spending the money or the time if the USD forks are going to be substantially better than the emulators. Vortec has advised me very well on every issue I have come to him with so far, and he advises going the emulator route. That being said it's gonna take some convincing to make me change my mind, but I do need all the input I can get on the issue.
  14. What have you been doing to the suspensions? I have read about people swapping the forks and replacing the rear spring with a works performance shock.
  15. Vortec you have been a great help man! Thanks a ton