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    yz250 half throttle bog

    Might have to pull the carby off and check the jets. If any are loose or have come out, the bike won't run well. I would even check them to make sure they are the right size and set everything back to normal, assuming there is no aftermarket exhaust etc. If your jets are set to specs and your fuel isn't dodgy, you should be able to go from there.
  2. If I had the money or were more serious with my riding I would easily purchase a Shoei helmet. Unfortunately, I am no Ryan Dungey on the track and I also prefer to purchase a new helmet every ~2 years or so, which would be hard if I had to cough up the big dollars regularly. I usually end up with a middle priced helmet. As a rider who is in the middle when it comes to purchasing helmets, I'm curious to know why I rarely see the 'lower end helmets' being used by professionals at events. Is it because they are more comfortable to be wearing on a regular basis? and Is it because they are safer? (I see Shoei helmets being used by heaps of up and coming fmx riders and motocrossers) You could say its because they are sponsored and are paid money to advertise them, but at the end of the day what's the use of having lots of money if you aren't around to spend it? If Robbie Maddison was prepping for his next big jump and had a choice of a Hjc or Shoei helmet, what would he pick?
  3. mr wiggles

    March Madness -- Philippine style

    Wow... I'm jealous. Was this an organised tour and you used their bikes? If so, how much did it roughly cost?
  4. mr wiggles

    Dirt Bike stands

    It's a Matrix concepts M2 worx stand. I have looked underneath the top section and it looks like it has minor stress lines ( similar to when you bend plastics on a bike)
  5. mr wiggles

    Dirt Bike stands

    Hi all, Normally when I work on the bikes or store them, I use a basic triangle stand or a stand that has a pedal and lifts the bike up. I recently decided to purchase a "fixed" dirt bike stand from a reputable company and have found that the top base section is starting to bend/curve downwards. The bike I have been putting on top of it (RM250) doesn't have a skid plate or bash plate. Would the absence of a skid plate or bash plate cause the stand to bend? Do i need a plate to distribute the load of the bike? Or have I possibly picked up a dud and need to take it back and exchange it? am I doing it wrong?
  6. mr wiggles

    Who has the nicest KTM?

    2007 250sxf Couldn't fight off all the orange, so now I just accept the orange highlights
  7. mr wiggles

    Lets see The Rm's