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  1. Should I change the shims in the decompressor and try starting It then before I remove head to inspect? also clearance on the intakes were .008 before I shimmed and exhaust were at .010 which I left alone
  2. yes I could hear rings are leaking a bit which isn't too unusual on a cold engine but I did have a slight bit out exhaust and intake also not a lot but can hear some if you put ear close to exhaust or air box I just wasn't sure if that was enough to cause no start and I also disregarded it after seeing the valves were not far out of adjustment and compression was correct...intake side shims are .070 and I did not measure exhaust because they were in spec
  3. Are you talking about the throttle slide plate? Also I ran a leak down test and the engine has about 15-18% leak down which is more than I would like but should not be enough to start at all...seems to be a bit leaking passed valves but clearences are correct checked 1,2,3 times...any input on that? thanks for your help
  4. It still makes me wonder though if it was a fuel/carb problem wouldn't I still be able to get some sort of fire with having a little prime of carb cleaner or anything?
  5. I would say not but i guess ill pull it apart and check though! At this point ill try anything sadly! haha
  6. yes I have cleaned carb 2 times and gas is new and fresh same gas im running my other bikes off of..im sure it sounds like it but im not a noob to this stuff im mech for a living and have been working on my own bikes for years..i have a feeling fuel isn't the issue since the plug is wet with fuel when removed so I should atleast be getting a pop. Is there a way im losing spark when under compression I know cresting spark in free air is easier than when under compression..And I have already checked keyway on flywheel all is intact and lined up..thanks a lot for your input on this its clear something weird is going on im just running out of things to check! and am trying to avoid throwint any/more parts at it!
  7. I see no real signs of heat or melting on the cdi seems as though maybe it was cracked from an accident some time so no telling if that was the main problem now
  8. Nope bike is all stock but the weird thing is im getting good strong spark that will arc about 1/4 to 1/2 inch gap..i had real high resistance through plug boot so I replaced it new boot had less resistance but still no fix!
  9. I found the cdi was cracked and exposed the board inside so I replaced..bike ran for few minutes with nee cdi then started running very bad. died and now same problem...traced all wires cant find any bad connections or broken wires
  10. Yes card bas been apart and cleaned everything is assembled correctly...took it apart and checked again still no luck with this dang thing!
  11. The plug is new and after some kicking it has some fuel on it. not soaked by any means. with air cleaner off when I twist the throttle I can see the carb priming and it shoots a jet of fuel straight into the head...would think that would be enough to atleast make it fire a few time! Thanks for the input ill try towing it and see if that does anything
  12. Ok I searched and didn't really see any information I didn't already have..The thing is 2006 crf450r will not start or even try to start...fuel is fresh. carb is clean, has what appears to be good spark, all timing marks align, valves are within spec, no broken valve springs exc, I can get about 75-80PSI compression while kicking over bike has sat for 6-8 months but i'm overlooking something here any suggestions would be great thanks in advance!