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    ktm 200 exc head gasket question

    I guess it could be possible for someone to put an older head and cylinder on it? I have the original parts book and I looked on the parts fisch and it is supposed to have 2 o rings. I guess I will have to order a gasket for an older ktm. thanks
  2. I am rebuilding the top end on a 2003 ktm 200 exc. The head had 1 oring and a head gasket? I have the ktm parts book and it has 2 o rings for a head gasket? Why would this one have a gasket? For the larger o ring I would think there should be a groove for the o ring to sit in. The top of the clyinder is flat where the o ring should be. Another question is how thick should the base gasket be? Everything I have read says measure the old one. how do you get an accurate measurement from a smashed gasket? Plus I would think that would change because of the gasket on the head? THis is the 1st ktm I have had apart, any help would be great.