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  1. I have the plated kicker so I know the subframe is a little different, but on all I would imagine fitting around the radiator is kind of a bitch, I ended up bending the little flange at the bottom of the rad out a bit to get the bolt to meet up, and I bought mine on fleabay with no hardware so sourcing stainless bolts that are long enough was a little tricky but I found a little specialty nut and bolt place by my house so let me know if you have troubles. Also I just ended up zip tying the part under the seat to the frame but again that may not be an issue on an S
  2. For a while now I've been riding some trails down in Chula Vista and have been reluctant to share as I didn't want to blow up someone else's little escape or my own for that matter. However I'm throwing in the towel as every time I'm there there seems to be more fencing and more construction and I imagine it will only be rideable for less than a year from now, if that. The area itself seems to be a weird grey area ownership with some being water and power land and some who knows. I've come across BP agents a lot out there but have never run into trouble even when giving my 10 year daughter driving lessons in the family ranger. What I'm proposing is a last hurrah of sorts I know a couple trails that with hardly touching pavement connect to the Otay truck trail so we could get a full day of riding in. I'm open to playing tour guide on a weekend day as slogging out the 9 to 5 midweek. I hope this doesn't piss off my fellow Chulajuanians
  3. In the process of dyeing my 4gallon IMS black, going to pull it out friday, I'll post pics
  4. thanks, I'll take a look this weekend
  5. okay so now I Know what bike I have you guys think there are enough Y models out there to make it worthwhile to reboot this thread correctly?
  6. SO I ran the vin through the google machine and it spit out DRZ-y
  7. def. has manual decomp and it doesn't look like it was added. damn I can't wait to get my vin
  8. well shit now I'm all sorts of anxious to get home and find those numbers. I appreciate the help
  9. it has no key if that helps
  10. thanks for the help guys, I'm always amazed at how helpful everyone is on here it's a great community! E.Marquez I'm at the office now working real hard and definitely not reading TAT ride reports as soon I get home I'll shoot you the info. my guess is the PO may have upgraded the stator but I'm damn near clueless
  11. Yeah it's a full dirt model with the baja designs kit on it. no electric start or speedo or anything really
  12. [sharedmedia=garage:vehicles:552] Yeah I have a factory kick/dirt only model that I picked up a couple weeks ago already pretty modded, huge step up from my KLR 250 I don't know what the PO did to get a cali plate, nor did I question it too much
  13. Awesome, thanks man! I wasn't exactly sure as I see "real e" and "true e" a lot and I wasn't sure if that was the same as the kick as I can't seem to find a true designation for the kick only it just seems to be the DRZ 400 with no suffix attached. I have a plated what I'll call DRZ-k and a lot of times it's hard to tell what is interchangeable with the factory street legal models. Thanks for setting me straight and now I see how that thread title would make no sense. on my part.
  14. Hi all, I hope I'm not being redundant but I can't find a thread exactly like this and selfishly I know it would be huge for me and I hope some others. My idea is a place that info can be exchanged about the specific quirks of the kickstart model since things like not having a subframe or a battery means our mods sometimes differ from those of brethren with the magic button. my first Q would be who has the Vapor speedo? how is the install? you don't need to upgrade the stator do you? thanks!