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    '92 DR250S Big Bore Kit Questions

    The stroke is longer on a 350. However the 250 is a faster reving engine, it jsut doesn't have the tractor like tourque for climbing hills. The 440 kit for the 350 is the piston from a DRZ400 and a resleaved 350 cylinder. Since you probably do not want to dig into the crankcase, JSut do a top end with a big bore. i think you will still find good power gains. and essentailly be getting a 400.
  2. I have searched and the only instruction I come up with is the the rocky mountain ATV video. Nice video. But can someone lay out the basic steps. Here are some specific questions. -Do you need to take everything apart if you are jsut changing the oil and not the seals. -Doesn't the inner chamber need to be bleed. There is a bleed screw on top, the video never mentions this. This is for a 49mm Showa conventional (98 rm250)
  3. MrPulldown

    Rear shock Dissasembly

    I just took my shock apart last night in order to change out the oil. I followed this write up. http://www.thumpertalk.com/topic/631120-dr-350-shock-gold-valve-install-with-pictures/ It is specific for the the DR350. But I think most shocks are mosre or less built up this way. Themain difference would be the piggy back vs the remote resivoure. But I think they are built/set up pretty much the same.
  4. MrPulldown

    98 RM250 Dual Chamber fork Oil Change

    Thanks. Did you get a factory manual or a Cylmer? THere is a difference in the top cap betwee the 96,97 and the 98 forks. Is everything else the same. Can you list the oil capacity number for me. Thanks!
  5. Hi all, New memember here. I have been reading TT post and articles for a few years and finailly joined. I ride a 94 DR350SE. After a couple of years of owning it I have exceeded the capabilities of the suspension. This year I plan on revamping things a little. For the front end I have aquired a 98 RM250 fork, which I plan on grafting onto my machine come spring. From my reading, these were one of the all time best forks made. 49mm showa dual chamber conventionals. The forks are in great shape. They feel buttery smooth, with both rebound and compression danmpening working. I am tempted to jsut slap em on. But prior to the install I figure I should at least change out the oil. How do I do it. I have read about every "how-to" out there and seen a ton of videos including the rocky mountain ATV one for dual chamebr forks. All the write ups are of USD forks,plus they go through seperating the two halves due to the bushing, and seal replacement. Do I really need to do all this if I am jsut changing the oil. Can I just pop the top cap off, dump the oil, give her a few pumps and fill it back up. What about the inside chamber, what does the air bleed screw do. Fianlly how much oil do I fill it up with. I have scoured the web looking for this spec. 5wt oil seem to be the consensouse, but what about amount. I have seen numbers from 205cc to 470cc per leg?? Is there also a height to the top measurement? Please school me Moto peeps!