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  1. Noely

    Can't start TC 570

    Ok, i have done this but kick start is still too hard to kick...its near impossible, im 6'1 and struggling to kick it, it doesnt feel right at all at the kick stand end of things, any thing in nehind that casing that would cause it to not kick?
  2. Noely

    Can't start TC 570

    Ok, thanks, but I don't fully understand this 'dwell' If I turned rotor(flywheel) then that turns crank??? Therefore, moving valves
  3. Noely

    Can't start TC 570

    And by the way, I adjusted Inlets to .10 and exh to .15?? Sound right?
  4. Noely

    Can't start TC 570

    Well. I did them just before the inlet started to open???
  5. Noely

    Can't start TC 570

    Friend bought this bike, was starting but running very rough, tappets very noisey, so we adjusted valves at TDC, now, since adjusting them, the bike is near impossible to kick start? anyone any ideas? very difficult to even turn over, cranks fine when plug is out but impossible when in Any help is appreciated