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    DRC Edge compared to Stock Iight

    I will check the settings and post em up when I get a chance. I think the shutter was 1/20 and aperature 5.6, iso 400, but i will confirm. You have to make sure that the shutter speed and the aperture (f-stop) settings stay consistent. If you use pretty much any kind of point and shoot camera, it will automatically adjust the according to the light meter reading and you will get varying results. I am a photography nerd.
  2. I did a search to see if anyone had taken pictures in the dark of the 2 lights and could not find one. For what it is worth, I thought I would do it myself so that others can see it. Just so that you know the comparison is legit, I used a canon T2i in manual mode and the settings stayed the same for all 4 picts. Is it brighter? A little bit, but the smaller footprint kind of hurts it and I would say they are about equal for overall brightness. Does it look cooler, heck yeah!