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  1. definetly cam chain slap replace the tensioner with a manual tensioner , also check the valve clearances
  2. hi can anyone tell me if a suzuki rm 125 barrel and powervale setup will fit a year 2000 engine?? help hi i got a 2000 model rm 125 very cheap from a friend and the reson i got it so cheap is that the barrel is damaged , i had a look on ebay for one and all i can see is a 1996 barrel for sale, will the barrel fit straight on and will the powervalve linkage clip back on thanks for replys alan
  3. Alan Marshall

    wierd transmition noise crf 450 2005 help

    did that mx450 runs nice n smooth through all the gears ??? puzzled and no snatching ??? a definet head scratcher thanks for replying m8
  4. Alan Marshall

    Broken Swing Arm Bolt

    the torx way is the best it never fails drill a hold in the centre of the bolt about 3/4 the side of it get a quality torx bit a little bigger that the hole and taper the end of the torx bit, put a dab of coarse grinding paste on the end of it and hammer it in as far as possible , then get your heat tortch and heat the aluminium for a minute around the bolt thread then unscrew it gently, thats the best way , ofcoarse welding a washer on it then a nut will definetly take it out but thats a last resort, a easyout or reverse threat tool will only expand it ,
  5. Alan Marshall

    Gears stuck - HELP!

    take the clutch basket back off and have a look inside the selector drum ther is a pawl mechanislm in ther it should be 2 small springs and 2 steel segments thats what rotates the selector drum back and forth in circular motion as you click up and down gears, also make sure the shift shaft is through the centre dowel on the selector as the little circular coller can fall out
  6. hi i bought a crf 450 05 and the big end had seized so while i had the cases split i decided to renew the 4 gearbox shaft bearings , now its bulit back up and when im riding its making a hell of a scraping noise kinda like a seized bearing in the gearbox, the gearbox is perfect goes through all gears very nice but this noise is doing my head in , i renewed the entire clutch but didnt solve it, if i put the bike on a stand and lift the rear wheel then start it and click into gear the back wheel will spin but its like its snatching and the back wheel jumps up and down and the chain is jumping all over the place, i adjusted the chain but made no difference, the gearbox was put back togeather exacly as the honda manual described im extra sure its perfect, i have spent a fortune on the bike and this rough noise is doing my head in any ideas, ??? plz help it even makes the noise when riding down a hill with the engine off it kind sounds like a bike riding with no chain slider noise as if the chain is running on the aluminium swing arm starts and drives with no gear or clutch issues just a bit of a wierd noise doesnt make the noise in neutral wouldnt say it like a whirling noise
  7. hi i recently rebulit my engine to replace a damged crank i paid extra care when dismanteling and reinstalling the both gear shafts and gears thrust washers etc, i did notice that the clutch basket had a little wobble a bit more than usual so i put it back in anyway , the engine starts and runs fine also goes through all the gears perfect im very sure everything want back togeather as normal as i read the manual and watched some videos etc, my problem is if i start the bike and lift the back wheel off the ground a stand and select any gear and let it run it sounds like its snatching on something and very jerky, the chain is jumping all over the place and swing arm is jumping up and down , somethings not right , i replaced the back wheel bearings replaced the chain slider, chain and sprockets are perfect and adjusted perfect , all i can think of is that dodgy clutch basket , i dont think replacing the inner needle bearing will solve it as its the actual basket outside thats wobbling, any ideas help alan. thanks for any replys
  8. hi i was having trouble getting my bike to idle properly, i read that the best way to tune it is turn the screw in till it lighly seats then back it out 1 and a half turns ,start the bike and set the idle a little higher then begin turning the screw out till the idle gets to its highest point , the thing is on my bike the srew is about to fall out once the revs at highest point so do i need a larger pilot jet or a smaller one , thanks Alan p.s the bike if fully warmed up during the process cheers
  9. Alan Marshall

    03 crf450r won't shift or coast

    if your baskets notched badly take a file and file the notches out taking note of how many passes on each one ,keep the file flat following the exact angle of the bit your a fileing also try and keep the same pressure on the file all the way round, iv did this a few times and it was fine, after its done ride the bike slowly for a day or 2 just to let the plates find ther bed points good luck
  10. Alan Marshall

    05 crf 450 engine noise

    install a manual cam chain adjuster because if the standard one fails your cyl head will probroblay end up wrecked!, seen this happen a few times , ebay has them m8
  11. Alan Marshall

    2005/2006 CRF450R Service Manual

    try this http://www.hondapartshouse.com/oemparts/a/hon/50bfa235f87002341cab4867/clutch also its a great site for diagrams on most bikes good luck
  12. Alan Marshall

    front brake is horrible! need help

    save your self the hassle and buy a working mastercylinder from ebay , the mastercylier will be goosed ,
  13. Alan Marshall

    Drowned crf450r

    try another coil or check the stator pickup etc is dry , could be the ecu ??? who knows, kill switch shorting ? broken wire somewhere?
  14. Alan Marshall

    FI 450 on the trail?

    na im not into high pressure rad caps either id go for bigger fatter rads and a faster moving impeller
  15. Alan Marshall


    i use castol gtx magnatech 10/40 ,used it for years never siezed a crank never siezed a piston never had to shim any valves and still within good toleance, i use it every sunday for trail and light motocoross riding , i dont bother with fancy named oils i stick to what i know , my bikes run amazing with no rattles yz250f 2005 and crf 450 2005