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  1. How far away from your grips do you keep your levers? I had this problem a few times, adjusted my brake and clutch a little closer, so I could always grab it with my middle knuckle area, and that helped a lot.
  2. Well, worth a shot so here's mine. 2003 YZ125
  3. Water will not mix with gas. To the OP, never ever put water in your fuel. That dude was probably retarded or messing with you.
  4. Do a full revalve front and rear, new spring rates if you need them.
  5. Now you know where the term "case" comes from. Haha. KX910 has obviously not cased anything yet or that comment wouldn't have crossed his mind.
  6. Come up short on a big huck and you'll know.
  7. MX31 is a soft terrain compound. MX71 is hard.
  8. I disagree, getting a tow just gives you the extra bit of assurance along with your confidence in your skill. Jumping is usually all just sacking up and doin it anyways, that doesn't mean hitting a jump thats way over your skill level but one you know you can do, it just scares you. As always, I agree with pretty much everything Die_trying said. To the OP, as long as you stay staggered as I said before and work up to the jump, you should be fine. The jump in question sounds like it has a small and "poppy" lip. Just watch him hit it, ask him how it feels and go for it. Maybe even find someone thats even better at jumping and ask them. People are usually fine with letting you "train" them. Good Luck.
  9. He probably won't even know you are there. Just stay behind him and slightly staggered. Watch him jump it first, then you'll see how he hits it. After that, loop around and follow him.
  10. Motocross

    He's fast, just a lose cannon. Maybe they just like hiring dudes who have been to jail....
  11. Motocross

    I heard rumors they were talking to J-Law
  12. Depends on the type of corner and terrain, general rule of thumb is put your shnuts on the tank.
  13. Oh yea. Then race the thing. That tracks a blast on a 125, You'll be wide open all the time. Good luck.
  14. I raced my yz125 there in march and had a blast. How long has it been since you've ridden the 125?
  15. Im pretty sure its Jimmy Albertson.