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    Best Bike for a Colorado Kid

    Thanks for all the feedback you guys. I acctualy just picked up a 2008 KTM XC-F in Littleton yesterday for $2000. The add said $3500 O.B.O so it took some negotiation. I think that it was a pretty stelar deal (very uncommon) but i suppose it just goes to show that deals are out there. I really appriciate all the help! John
  2. Hello all, My name is John and I have been having a hard time finding anyone in my area who knows of a bike that will fill my needs. first off my Variables:6'1" Tall, 165 pounds, Intermidiate skill level, I have a $4000 budget so I will be looking at used bikes, I will be doing mostly trails from 4000-10000ft with maybe a mx track a couple times a year, I have not owned a bike but I have been riding other peoples bikes for years. I have no preference 2 or 4 stroke. I have done some reserch and I really like KTM 450s and 300s and I can find them in my budget in my area. I honestly do not know much about the other brands because I have mostly ridden KTM. this is why I have come to you. To find if there is something that I am missing from other makers or just to get a better understanding of what KTM I should be buying (450?400?300?EXC?XC?XCE?CR250?). Thank you for any and all help! John