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  1. RZRob

    eLine Heat Shield + FMF Megabomb

    Straight from Kah Ran Eee. I followed his advice when I asked the same question. It worked great. Adjust accordingly RZ Rob Make sure you are running a 45 pilot (stock head/ 48 modified) Change to the JD Red needle 4tjh clip, or better yet (richer) the Keihin NCVS needle 4th clip Upgrade your apump system to 2008 specs Put in a 50 leak jet Upgrade you apump linkage with the Tokyo mods or Merge or R&D spring Clean the apump nozzle with really fine piano/gutair string wire Lift up the subframe after installing everything to verify squirt aim, distance, and duration, and that it never hits the slide (just barely) Details: http://www.thumperta...ew-and-jetting/
  2. RZRob

    eLine Heat Shield + FMF Megabomb

    It fits. I'll be honest, I thought the same thing you did, but as soon as I started blindly just progressing, Viola it fit like it was supposed to. It sure doesn't look like it would though. You've got to believe! RZ Rob
  3. RZRob

    CR500AFX Project... using a newly purchased '07 CRF450X

    Johnny your message box is full or something. RZ Rob
  4. RZRob

    CR500AFX Project... using a newly purchased '07 CRF450X

    OK, so now I get the part about leveraging parts for your other X. That totally makes sense and that would be enough for me. Have you studied enough of the Service bikes to see if there's any little tricks they apply? When you were talking originally, I thought you were jumping right past the green sticker and going to the plate. Sounds like a fun bike. Post project pics along the way. RZ Rob
  5. RZRob

    CR500AFX Project... using a newly purchased '07 CRF450X

    I'm not sure why you're sacrificing an X for this project unless it has some inherent advantage such as already being plated etc. Normally these projects are driven by one already possessing the donor vehicle (i.e. donor bike and/or donor motor). In your case your your needing to procure both. My X is plated, but technically you could score a cheaper, more plentiful CRF R and build off that. The X isn't really bringing anything to the table. The $1K+ premium for the X is being lost when you remove the motor and you'll just have a bike with unnecessary extra wires and suspension that's not as good as an R etc. Curious what drove this path to your ultimate bike? Which should be fun. BTW, I assume the 500 accepts a lighting coil?
  6. RZRob

    CR500AFX Project... using a newly purchased '07 CRF450X

    This one is clean enough that you can take what you need then part it out to recoup investment. http://losangeles.craigslist.org/lac/mcy/4830470470.html RZ Rob
  7. RZRob

    Precision Concepts Suspension

    I just added a set of CRF forks to my XR and needed to get them re-sprung and valved. I went with RaceTech, but thought the relative pricing would be useful. The springs ran around $115 and the Gold Valves ran $330. Don't forget to ask about discounts for Thumpertalk or ADVRider. That saved me 15%, which on a $900 deal saved me $125. RZ Rob
  8. RZRob

    2014 Baja 1000

    Thank you sir. RZ Rob
  9. Cover me with kisses babe, cover me with love. Blonde Day kicked ass.

  10. RZRob

    Tire pressure in the winter

    Helium is flammable so I don't go that route. I run bottled air captured in the Sierra Nevada Mountain Range. It's thinner and lighter than flatland air. This helps give me that little extra elevation on long jumps. Other than that I usually run ~12 psi in the dirt and about double that on the street. RZ Rob
  11. RZRob

    Baja No Pinch Tool

    Man I'm carrying mine with me on my XR. I call myself "Sir Pinch a Lot" Thanks for the tip. RZ Rob
  12. RZRob

    Where is everyone riding this weekend?

    Everything around 'Stow is awesome, but just had surgery. Gonna have to sit this round out. RZ Rob
  13. RZRob

    New look for my ol' girl

    Bike looks nice. Not crazy about the white seat though. I just got white plastic for my R, but with my black rims I think I'll either keep the stock seat or go black too. TZ Rob
  14. RZRob

    15 Second Vid

    Way cool. Looks like area around Isabella. RZ Rob
  15. RZRob

    Trail Tech Fan with Safari Tank

    It's not too difficult to make your own if necessary. That's what I did. RZ Rob