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  1. Chasing a second hand set of wheels for my 2010 exc 450. Running stock Excel rims and just want a second set of wheels for quick changes. Not sure what others fit? Hoping someone could point me in the right direction.. Cheers.
  2. Wow. I looked for so long. Thanks heaps 5556er. XC4 you say.. That's probably a detail worth remembering ;-) I've been searching the wrong thing regularly. Cheers!
  3. So my repair manual is ordered but won't be here by Tues. I've had a read of a few related threads on here but can't find any that exactly match my bike. I mostly read about RFS's then YZF's and CRF's which are all a bit different to my RC4.. I can't find a video or proceedure for value adjustment on my bike anywhere. I've got a mate lined up to help me on Tues. He knows more than me but also hasn't worked on this exact engine before either. Any help greatly aprreciated. Thanks.
  4. Thanks Burnrider, how do i check it? How do i tell if its working or not? Thanks. Edit: I've determined that the new battery is flat. I recharged it with a mates charger and then proceeded to do some testing. (I didn't know til now that testing when the battery is undercharged gives unrelieable results. Ive ridden 2 short rides and 3 easy starts since with no problems and fan not coming on. I also determined that it is being charged by the bike. And that it is not being drained by anything when the bike is off. This suggests that the fan flattened it and doing short rides wasn't enough to recharge it. OR that i've got a new battery that is a bit dodgy and not holding charge when not in use. (i'll be checking this with multi meter over the next few days) OR regulator rectifier thing is working but not well enough to charge as effectively as it should. OR battery is intermittedly getting drained when bike is off (seems least likely)
  5. So.. New battery is dead three rides later. Reading 4.5 volts. I must have been mistaken when I thought it was charging. New battery started the bike instantly for 3 rides in three days then after sitting for a week.. dead.. I don't know how to diagnose the problem. I have a decent volt/amp meter now but don't know how to diagnose the problem. As the 'replace fuse' page of the owners manual was next to the battery page, i checked that but it looks fine. don't like riding without my fan and no battery means no fan so any help greatly appreciated. Bike just makes a little click noise each time i press the starter. Guessing the thermo fan may have a fuse somewhere, but i can't find one. in rechecking wiring, i noticed a black and yellow lead behind the headlight that looked as though it should be plugged into itself and wasn't, so i've plugged those together but wouldn't be surprised if they have nothing to do with the problem they could be for anything for all i know. (indicators and stuff aren't on it at the moment.) Any help greatly appreciated.
  6. So new battery is in. MottoBat MBTZ75 Dry cell from Tweed Battery Centre. Not the big place Battery World, but a shop just behind it with great service and advice and price. Very helpful. The guy engraved the date of purchase on it and it has a year warranty. (I know most of you aren't from Aust but some readers might be) Anyway, helpful guy said lots of batteries give up without warning now days. said he's had a few car batteries lately that gave no warning either. And so, yeah, bike is back to starting instantly and battery is getting charged. (Not by a tender, i don't have one) Thanks heaps for all the help and replies on an issues that's so basic and obvious to most other riders. haha. cheers.
  7. Oh ok. Thanks Chas.. Guess that still means its flat. I didn't really know how to measure if it was charging (Amps). Would the volts still be reading higher running than not running if it isn't charging? I'll grab a battery this afternoon and try figure out how to check if its charging when i get home. Thanks again. Greg.
  8. Katie M

    Rekluse - worth it?

    I have no experience but just read this where one guy suggests you may have issues running it on a 450 exc or larger due to the grunty low end.. Guess u already read it though?? http://www.thumpertalk.com/topic/948882-12-450-xcw-rekluse-help-please/
  9. Thanks for the speedy replies and advice everyone. I'll buy a tester (then probably a battery) I thought volt meters cost around $100.. hopefully I find a cheap one like has been suggested. To check its not a charging issue i would just read the volt meter whilst the bike is running and expect it to read higher than when the bike is not running, right? maybe 11 volts not running and 13 volts running?? would that be how to do it? @ Haknslash, I read all about those turntech and other lithium batteries. They sound great but being an impatient Aussie I'll grab something local, lithium if available and under $200 otherwise something standard. Thanks heaps for the help everyone. EDIT: got a multi meter that reads voltage and ampage and tests circuits and has digi display $40. which is ok. Battery is 0.3 volts when bike isn't running and between 4 and 6.6 volts when bike is running (as its a 6 volt battery not 12 of corse haha). Went for a short blast and it read the same afterwards so i'll by a battery tomorrow. Thanks for the help.
  10. 2010 EXC 450 on original battery. 2 years, 120 hrs old. I don't have a volt meter thingy to test it. Not e starting, not even making any attempt or noise at all. I didn't get any warning like a weak turning over or anything. Bike kick starts very easily. when not started, the digital display displays when i turn the front wheel but it didn't light up (glow orange) I have a fan that could have easily drained the battery but yeah, i didn't get any warning signs. I checked the wiring as best i could without really knowing anything about it. Everything seemed clean and plugged in. Is there anyway to conclude it needs a new battery without an amp meter before buying one? Help appreciated. Thanks. Greg.
  11. Hey, hope the Hare scramble went well. Got a similar issue on my 2010 450 exc. Nothing happens when i press the estart. digital display lights up when kickstarted. light works fine. but nothing when i press estart. Anyone know if there is a fuse somewhere I should be checking? Cheers.
  12. Katie M

    Tool kit for '10 exc 450?

    Yep. I think u r right. Cheers. I'll use my shitty cheap spanner/ sockets/ screwdrivers etc and get some cheap hex heads or what ever those star things are called and then re buy a decent version of just the ones i end up needing good tools for. Cheers
  13. Recently bought my exc 450 but didn't get the tool kit with it. I've looked at the tool kits for sale on ebay and can't tell if they are right for my bike. There are some that say they are for exc 450 rfs but im on a 2010. There are other kits for the 2 strokes that i guess are a bit different. Would greatly appreciate any helpful links (i'm in Australia) Cheers
  14. Katie M

    450 exc rfs vs rc4

    Thanks for the advice guys. I've ended up getting my mates 2010 450 for a steal, so i'm stoked. So in love with this bike. I'm going to avoid rd ks as much as possible 'cause once i got on it i realised that its designed to be ridden hard. haha. Got a bunch of dumb newbie ktm questions but i'll hit up the search before posting here. Cheers. Greg.
  15. my budget is right on the '08 to '10 cusp. I'll be mostly riding trail with occasional rd k's but want performance (dont tell me to get a drz cause he are less maintenance haha) just wondering if I would be better off maintaining an 08 (rfs) or '10. I'll probably keep it for around 3 years and close to 6000 kms.. as a guess opinions appreciated. Cheers.