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  1. Taking my nephew out who has only had a few hours. There's been a few topics before but wondering if anyone has a good idea for where to take him this week? Some place like PMI, but PMI is pretty lame and quite a drive.
  2. We are exceedingly cautious and mindful anywhere we go shooting. We might go up somewhere by Pawnee or I might just take him to Cherry Creek. If there's still fire bans in place, and I bet there will be, we won't be camping but we will still find some place to ride. Anyone is welcome to join just let me know.
  3. My 19 y/o nephew will be here 7/20-7/27. We will be riding 1-2 days while he's here, possibly camping and definitely doing some shooting. I'm looking for a bike for him to ride. It's not his first time, he's ridden at my brother in law's just enough to get used to the clutch. He's the type to be very cautious and respectful, but he will fall. I have a local rental place I can use but I figured I'd see if anyone here wanted to join us and had an extra bike or wanted some extra bucks to loan us one. I was thinking about taking him to Rampart during the week when it's not too crowded. If anyone wants to join us regardless please let me know. Also we're going to be rafting The Numbers if anyone is interested.
  4. As the forests burn year after year do you suppose it ever occurs to the FS that they survived thousands of years without them, right up until the FS took it upon themselves to 'save' them?
  5. mrkab

    Rampart Range 6-24

    If the parts come in and I can get the bike fixed by then I may join you!
  6. There's Colorado, and then there's Denver. The suburbs are not the same.
  7. Been to north Denver lately?
  8. 1. Favorable. Keep it that way. 2. 45 minutes or so. 3. Lots. There's another thread in this very forum with someone looking to move from TN where a lot of areas have been discussed. 4. Better than CA. 5. Depends on *where* you're riding. Trails probably 6 months or so. 6. There's isn't much snow in Denver, it melts off the streets by 9 AM and there's an occasional few days where you drive carefully. Maybe a blizzard to keep you and the kids home once a year. 7. Dunno. 8. Stay out of the Denver city limits for sure. 9. Don't worry about it. 10. Dunno. 11. Not sure off the top of my head, but I think we were paying around 1% or less. 0.67 sounds right. That was in Parker. The thing about Colorado is there's an awful lot of people coming from places like Texas and California fleeing the stupidity. Problem is all too many of them turn around and try to impose the stupidity here too. So look at it this way, anyone who comes with the opposite view is another voice to counteract it.
  9. mrkab

    Looking at moving to the Denver area...

    No replacement for me, very happy with it, it's a minor thing to take care of regardless. I should have known, the upper is a Bushmaster and they're notorious for it.
  10. mrkab

    Rampart Range Colorado riding.

    When I looked up a rental for my nephew it came with a ramp, I don't remember where, just Googled it. And if you want someone to ride with when you're here I'd suggest making a thread about the specific day(s).
  11. mrkab

    Looking at moving to the Denver area...

    It's not for the bolt really, it's for the bolt carrier key. The gunsmith who assembled it didn't stake the hex screw well enough and I'll be damned if they aren't some weird off size. P.S. Not that weird, 9/64. The only standard set I had went 1/8 -> 5/32, yay more tools.
  12. mrkab

    Looking at moving to the Denver area...

    I need to shoot more. Well what I really need is a wrench that matches this weird size on the AR15 bolt so that I can shoot more. Speaking of which... BRIAN what was that grease? I'll PM.
  13. mrkab

    Looking at moving to the Denver area...

    I don't think I've heard country since I've been here.
  14. mrkab


    Use what works for you, everything else is machismo bullshit. If a bloody thumb throttle works for you, use it, I can't stand the things but that's not the point. Point is listening to others tell you what specific control setup is "best" for you is like asking someone else to tell you what makes you happy.