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  1. spondonste

    Supermotojunkie web page

    Thanks for that. Looks like it's a problem with Internet Explorer and the SupermotoJunkie web page. Not sure why but got it to work when I've downloaded and tried other web browser tools.
  2. spondonste

    Supermotojunkie web page

    Over the last few months I've not been able to log on to Supermotojunkie. When I try to navigate to any supermotojunkie web page I just get a blank screen (they have a good photo files of Husqvarna engine strip downs that are usefull when I'm working on my SM610). Anyone had similar problem with this. For info I'm running Internet Explorer and Windows 7 which is fully up to date. Nobody mention upgrading to windows 10 please as it just won't happen for me EVER.
  3. spondonste

    TE610 front disc

    You can always try motomaster:- http://www.moto-master.com/productnow.php