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  1. How's the new KX when it comes to stability and cornering? I've heard that previous years were super stable, but a bit difficult to turn into the corners.
  2. Thank you for all the insight. I'll probably get the suspension done and hope that helps. It's worth a try. If it doesn't, then I may have to go green.
  3. Thanks for the response. I have about 30 hours on it. No revalve yet. That's one of the first things I was looking into. I'm just afraid that if I spend all that money on upgrades it will just turn it into a KX or CRF or whatever, meaning I should have bought something else to begin with. I've heard of tightening the steering stem nut up a bit. I'll probably give that a try since it's free. Anybody tried the 2016 KX and know how it compares to the RMZ?
  4. Hi all. Looking for any insight. I have a 2013 RMZ450 and it's killing me. I ride outdoor mx tracks in CO. I'm debating whether to put the money into suspension, steering stabilizer, triple clamp etc to help or just put that money into a new bike. I like the way the RMZ corners, but it's stiff and sketchy in the high speed choppy stuff. I rode a 2008 CRF 450 and it wasn't nearly as taxing to ride. I'd like to get a bit more stability to add confidence without giving up all the cornering prowess. I was looking at the 2016 KX450F thinking it might have what I'm looking for. I'm an intermediate 165lb rider. What are your opinions?
  5. Eldtim

    To rebuild my suspension or not

    Cool, thanks. Hopefully i will be able to get the rebuild going in the next couple weeks. Hope i'm good enough to notice the difference.
  6. Eldtim

    To rebuild my suspension or not

    So i checked my sag today. Bike unloaded on the stand 22.25in(565.15mm), bike unloaded off stand 20.75in(527.05mm) and me on bike 18.1875in(461.962mm). So that should be 4.0625in(103.1875mm) race sag and 1.5in(38.1mm) free sag. My manual says 3.9in(100mm) is standard. According to my owners manual, i am running a bit too much sag. Does 3mm really make that much difference? If i did my math right i am at about 18%. I thought about 25-30% sag was normal. I guess my next step is to adjust it to what the book says and then check my free sag again and that will tell me if i am running the correct spring?
  7. Eldtim

    To rebuild my suspension or not

    It's been a couple years since I have ridden or checked the sag (car accident), so I don't remember the numbers. I'll post the numbers hopefully tomorrow or the next day as soon as I can find a helper. I'll probably stick with the stock springs and just do a full service, since I ride it at the track and off road and I seem to be the average rider weight. Looking for good all around performance. We'll see what the sag says and go from there. I'm guessing I'll have to check it again after having it serviced. Can I expect it to change much? I live in the Denver area. Any recommendations on where to take it for those who know the area? I'd do it myself, but I just don't think I have the tools or time right now.
  8. Eldtim

    To rebuild my suspension or not

    Thanks for the advice guys. Definitely going for the rebuild. Always wanted to do a revalve, but don't have that kind of money now. I think the springs are prob good for my weight. I'm 165lbs without gear. How do you deteremine what springs you should use, by how it feels or is there a way to look it up?
  9. Eldtim

    To rebuild my suspension or not

    Okay, thanks for the advice. I must have missed that in the owners manual. Is that number from the manufacturers service manual or just a general rule?
  10. I am wondering if it is worth it or necessary to rebuild my suspension. It's not leaking or broken and works fine. It's a 2005 CRF250X and I have never had it serviced. It's spent a good deal of time sitting. I ride mostly off road with some mx time. I call one shop and they say I should service it. I call other shops and they say if it ain't broken why fix it. So should I rebuild it or maybe just change the oil or leave it alone?