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  1. Thanks! Bought bike used and it had it already
  2. Any body ever use Pro Action suspension on there KTM? I got an 2004 525sx. How did you like it?
  3. Cranked kind of slow, just basing off my 350sxf
  4. My 525sx has ktm electric start installed. Crank with button until battery dead nothing. Two kicks of kickstarter fires right up! Is yuasa ytz7s way to go? Thanks!
  5. Having issues with my 525sx has Kim electric start installed. Starts faster with kickstarter! Gonna try the yuasa ytz7s
  6. The 525 I just bought has electric start on it. It is a KTM kit not aftermarket. is there anything special I need to do to start bike with it or just press and go? Thanks!
  7. Looking at the kibblewhites, ordering seems straight foward except for the guides, a few different sizes
  8. Are these kibblewhite valves a straight swap for the stock ones in a 2004 525sx or are there modifications to the head or valves seats that need to be done? Thanks
  9. My new "used" bike is coming Sunday. Putting new piston in. Thinking of getting a vertex piston kit. Stock is very expensive. Is Vertex good? Also a Tusk heavy duty clutch kit and new stock valves amd bearings all around, swingarm, wheels etc. Top it off with new plastics and OEM graphics
  10. Won the auction! Waiting for bike to be delivered. 2800 hope it is worth it
  11. 4 speed, mostly MX track. I am not a serious racer. 46 yearold novice
  12. Looking to pick up 04 525SX with pro action suspension and guy put on electric start $3000. Seems pretty clean. Is this a solud bike? What do you think?
  13. Did not land it on ebay! Bike looked clean but that is easy to do. Will see if it comes back on
  14. Did not think my question was so out of line. Sorry for asking
  15. Checking out a 06 RM 250, looks pretty clean. Asking 2800. Any issues with the 06? What do you guys think??