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  1. HI378

    Stiffer springs front and rear and handling.

    Thanks, I really am happy with the suspension on and off road but I had to rethink the sandy roads here in SC. Rode yesterday (80 degrees )about 100 miles, maybe 30 of those no pavement. I am getting used to the new handling and your advice is spot on.
  2. I upgraded to Eibach springs front and rear to fit my weight (300 lbs) and the overall performance is fantastic. However, the front end can be a little squirrelly in the sand. Has anyone else seen this? i love that I don't cause the bike to bottom out anymore but I ride a lot of sand roads.
  3. HI378

    the dreaded base gasket leak attacks

    As to your exhaust, I reused gasket and flange bolts w no problem and my bike has 9450 miles.
  4. HI378

    the dreaded base gasket leak attacks

    I just did the hi comp piston and base gasket on my 2001 for the same reason. Finished kinda late but in the short ( it was cold, I was in a tee shirt from working inside with heat) ride the difference was noticeable. I weigh 300lbs and and for me the bike wasn't as "crisp" as I would like. Well know it is! It's been killing me not being able to take it out due to work and rain, but tomorrow morning My bike has stock exhaust, and heavier springs thru Jesse at Keintech. He provided the Hi comp kit I used. As to difficulty, I had help, but the manual makes it easy, and setting timing was a breeze. Also you dont have to remove engine from the bike.