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  1. sprayed it with a bit of oil and it moves a bit. is it ok just to drain out all the break fluid and take off the calipers so i can clean them up?
  2. yeah its the Disk that's stuck in the calipers. im very tempted to spray it with something and take a hammer to it, but i don't think i will just yet.
  3. Cheers, for the replies, ill have try your suggestions over the weekend. Haha and i haven't a penny!
  4. I tried searching but i couldn't find what i was looking for. Not make specific but my bike is CRF250r I had it sitting up for a year and now the front wheel is locked up solid. was going to remove the disk and roll it into the garage to get a better look. My Question is then what? am i going to have to take apart the caliper and clean it up? anything i can do now? Any help is appreciated, Thanks.
  5. I had a wee crash and broke the rear sprocket off its mounts. I want to fix this in the cheapest way possible because i have no money. and i hate working. the only damage is a bent rear sprocket and the mounts on the (hub?) have broken. could i straighten the sprocket and weld it back on? if i was to buy a second hand rear wheel, would it have to be a crf250r rear wheel or would any 19" fit? thanks for all yer wise words
  6. The Curragh of Kildare is a great oul spot. just up the road from me. i hear them every time there out.
  7. on top of the crank case. I don't think the clutch is slipping. i will open it up to see what the clutch is like, ill replace it and the the oil and put in proper the proper stuff. the bike is just bough second hand so i might replace the whole lot. something like this? or could you get one cheaper? http://www.ebay.com/itm/HINSON-CLUTCH-PLATES-SPRING-KIT-Honda-CRF-250-R-2004-2009-FSC094-8-001-/160733193859?pt=Motorcycles_Parts_Accessories&vxp=mtr&hash=item256c71e683#ht_4156wt_885 in the meantime is it still ok to drive. so long as it dont overheat? thanks
  8. this has been asked before but not really answered definitively. a small dribble of transmission fluid comes out of the breather tube after a bit of riding. i have recently changed the oil and i put in 5w-30 engine oil. about an hour later a noticed a grey frothy oil dribble. im guessing its just "finding its own level" but why the oil almost immediately turn to a grey froth? (the use of engine oil is my guess, but im unsure) is there other reason why this might happen, its been finding its level for a while now. but it hasn't lost enough oil to be worried about it going dry. on a side note. how hot do the radiators get? after a while riding you could only tap mine without pain. im new to four stroke motocross. thanks for the sharing of your wisdom.
  9. I have just bought an 05 CRF250r.. im just getting used to the bike so im not riding it hard, just a small course i have made up. i find that it gets quite hot when i drive around, thought im just riding around for the most part in 1st and 2nd. it has spat out coolant, but that was only when i first got it and it was idling with the choke on for a few mins. i have since changed the coolant and dont let it idle for as long. problem solved it seems. im left wondering when i take it out on the big track will it heat up when im riding hard, seeing as it gets hot on the small track when im going easy. i.e. will the increase in speed compensate for the increase in high RPM? i was thinking of replacing the radiators anyway. i don't think they are blocked internally or externally, though the grill is bent flat in places. so my second question is would gently straightening all the grills of the radiator help? as for a new one. im inclined to get the far cheaper 40mm "big" Chinese made radiators, than the precision made expensive ones. both of witch claim 30% extra cooling. bit of a ramble thanks
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