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  1. shigbee18

    crf 250x clutch problems

    when was the last time you changed the oil on the transmission side?? One thing you must remember is even if everything is good (oil, clutch plates, friction discs and clutch springs)these bikes are not the easiest to roll while in gear and the clutch lever pulled. But if you have noticed excessive drag with clutch lever pulled just recently I would suggest pulling the clutch cover and have a good look at your clutch checking for excessive wear and/or possible damage to clutch components
  2. shigbee18

    Honda CRF250X 2006

    This bike is great, had to do some minor things on purchase, SS intake valves, a new TrailTech stator, and fan. But after that I've really enjoyed riding my bike either in downtown Phnom Penh or out on the trails in cambodia.
  3. shigbee18

    Honda CRF250X (2006)


    This bike is great, had to do some minor things on purchase, SS intake valves, a new TrailTech stator, and fan. But after that I've really enjoyed riding my bike either in downtown Phnom Penh or out on the trails in cambodia.
  4. shigbee18

    01 XR250Y dies when giving it throttle

    I appreciate everyone's advice, today im picking up a new pilot jet and having the carb gone thru. Thanks Again
  5. Hi all I have a 2001 XR250Y (Aussie Version) and I love this bike but in the last 3 weeks something funky has started to happen. I'll be driving along and I'll give it throttle and it acts like there is no fuel going to the carb, It just chokes out and dies, or it will bog really hard and then give a loud exhaust snap and take off. Sometimes it will happen 3 or 4 times in a day sometimes it won't happen at all. I'm stumped. I've checked the breather for the fuel tank and it is fine. I've drained the fuel 3 times seeing if there was a vacuum happening in the tank but fuel free flowed nicely. HELP ME PLEASE
  6. shigbee18

    Looking at buying a 05 CRF450x

    Howdy everyone, Ive been running a XR250 for the last few months and have just been offered a 05 CRF450X for $3000, its had some parts added to it like a oil cooler, Tubeless tires and a few other extras. My question to you guys is 3000 a fair price for this machine
  7. shigbee18

    slaughtering an XR250RY

    are the front forks adjustable? if they are how much would you want for the whole front end, tire,rim,brake and forks???
  8. Here is a set of pictures from my Sunday ride around ratanakiri , cambodia http://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.3247097990159.140005.1648207827&type=3&l=3d87bd883d
  9. shigbee18

    TRX 450r..Headlights any good?

    i have a 05 TRX450R in the states and the headlight is plenty bright to ride at night, i do quite abit of night riding at the Oregon Dunes
  10. shigbee18

    XR200 won't run

    i would definitely check to make sure the carb wasnt completely full of junk, pull the carb of and fully disassemble it, check all passage ways and see if the float moves up and down correctly.
  11. shigbee18

    Need help identifying my bike

    yeah i really love the bike it gets me so much attention in Oyadav(town/district), Ratanakiri(province), Cambodia. It has a super trapp exhaust and i went and pulled all the baffle discs off the muffler it sounds so sweet and has plenty of punch. i can pull 3rd gear wheelies all day long on the pavement, the dirt i have to be in 2nd atleast to pull a good wheelie but its a great bike!!!!!! any suggestions on extra parts like front forks, gas tank, valves, anything will help
  12. shigbee18

    Need help identifying my bike

    heres a link to my facebook photo album i will be addin more pics to the XR album soon http://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.3025926461009.135834.1648207827&type=3&l=f1fb234ee5
  13. shigbee18

    Need help identifying my bike

    thanks that really helped mine does have the metal tank, no kick start just electric start only, but i cant get rid of headlight or other road stuff as i drive it on the so called highways here in cambodia, i do use it for some offroad as well. i did alot more searching and found it to be a 2001 or 2002. Right know im running 13/42 gears which give me plenty of pep on the roads 120kph+ and seems to haul my skinny butt around pretty good on the dirt. if you have any other suggestions for parts that i should get for it please let me know. Thanks again Shawn H.
  14. shigbee18

    Need help identifying my bike

    I bought this bike in Cambodia, and the graphics say XR250 but im drawing some serious dought if it is really a XR250 my frame number is MD30-1502088 and it has another tag in the middle of the steering stem say BA-MD30 and my engine number is MD17E-4002127. Any ideas what year and actual make this bike is?????????? please help
  15. hey im new to this forum but so far have found it very helpful in fixing some minor problems with my 2001 XR250R and today i was searching around to find what my top speed would be with out going out to a empty strech of road and came across this website http://www.gearingcommander.com/ Hope this helps everyone out Shawn H 2001 XR250R Oyadav, Cambodia