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  1. 3bangin

    Fabricated rear rack

    So, rear rack finnished and installed. Hand guards on, Carb & 3x3 done with jd jetting. Opened up the end of the exhaust and tuned. Runs like a finely tune drz400s. Waiting for the TT case guards and skid plate and battery to arrive.Also spooned on a set of Kenda Trakmasters. Whats next?
  2. 3bangin

    Fabricated rear rack

    Ya, these aluminum sub-frame are pretty light. It's unbeleivable how some guy's get away with the loads they carry. I may reinforce the sub frame and weld on a couple more attatchment points. Come on warm weather! Bob
  3. 3bangin

    Fabricated rear rack

    I fabbed a rear rack for the bike yesterday and will be fabbing the soft saddle bag hoops sometime this week. I like using expanded metal as it's light and facilitates a bungee hook anywhere. I've done a lot of bike racking systems and have concluded that lighter materials are the best application for a bike that is going to hit the ground alot. Mainly because it doesn't bend the sub frame and straightening huge tubing is a bitch on the trail. Oh, and yes, it looks like it could double for a cooking grate..............hmmmmmm ............ Bob
  4. 3bangin

    New! with a warning

    OK, in all honesty............The Pornamatic 5000 is the only computer in the house that has porn on it and it's located up stairs. The two down stairs have never been used for porn ....unless the wife ................could she be a secret spankster? Nah, All I know is that it happened twice while surfing drz parts and adventure. Just shawed some Trakmaster's, 3x3, jd jetting and I'm off and running!! Bob
  5. 3bangin

    New! with a warning

    Ya, I probly did a googe image search. Hell, I was rippin through the internet at redline finding everything there was to find about the bike. Wait, I changed to Bing for a search engine. Huh? Maybe it's that. I love the Bike! Thats a plus. Bob
  6. 3bangin

    New! with a warning

    Hi guy's, I'm new to the site and bought a used drz400s. While surfing the web for all things DRZ, twice this week have picked up a virus from looking at drz pictures. (on two computers) The problem is, I dont know what site or picture it came from.. Just a warning that some POS attached some type of bug onto a picture or a site. Bob.