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  1. FloridaSwamper

    Plates for modified off-road motorcycles

    Passed inspection now I need plates Thanks Skagit
  2. FloridaSwamper

    Plates for modified off-road motorcycles

    I'll be heading to Skagit tomorrow for my inspection Wish me luck!!
  3. FloridaSwamper

    Plates for modified off-road motorcycles

    Thanks for the replies guys I'll be calling Skagit in the morning. I'll take some pics and post them and a walk around.
  4. Hello all I'm new to this site and have lived in Washington a year, moved here from Pensacola Florida. I'm very excited to ride the trail systems you have here! Okay so I'm jumping on board with making my WR450f street legal. I have installed the Tusk kit and everything else to make it street legal except..........brake lines that say DOT on them. Yes folks per the Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standard (FMVSS) Motorcycle Equipment has to have their blessing on it. Now I know and y'all know that the lines on our bikes are better then the DOT lines but your suppose to have them. Well this is what a mechanic told me when I had it inspected at Cycle barn of Lynnwood. Here's the website http://www.dol.wa.go...FMVSSLabels.pdf So this is where it gets good!! After allot of searching and calling I found a place that would make custom brake lines for my WR. Western fluid components in Everett took care of me and made me the lines I needed. So four days later I had my bike ready for inspection and get the paper to get my plate end of story right!! No I called Cycle barn and told them that I had done what they asked and was ready the nice lady in service told me that the General manager changed his mind and the would not be inspecting any longer. I expressed that I had spent over $60 on brake lines, gas and wasted allot of time doing business with them. She said that was because they were worried about liabilities ( Chicken $hit ) needless to say I will do no more business them. So now I have to find someone else that will inspect my bike. If anyone has questions on what they need for their bike to get it legal I can answer it!