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  1. Thanks guys! Thanks Chris! Unfortunately we do not have ANY dealers in Russia at all =)) I hate it that! However, every part that I need to replace I need to order from eBay, and thats very long process - 40 days. =( So I will try to do it your way, thx man! )
  2. Hello. =) Here is my last post that I already had fixed. http://www.thumpertalk.com/topic/942560-yz450f-2007-white-smoke-please-help/ I changed CAM Chain, Sliders, Piston + Rings Everything was fine! But now my coolant leaking from that hole And even if I stop my engine, coolant leaking about 5 min long. It will stop if I open cap. For 3-5 min I have amount of coolant that follows: What did I do wrong? Because before I changed piston, everything was fine. I hope you will be able to help me. ) thx
  3. mrzolkin

    yz450f 2007. White smoke. Please help.

    Thank you for information. ) With out pictures it is a little bit hard to understand, but anyway I try to use your instructions. )
  4. mrzolkin

    yz450f 2007. White smoke. Please help.

    You exactly right! I live in Vladivostok. It situated in about 600-800 km from japan, but when we order some parts, they are going to Moscow at first, +7800km , then they are coming back +7000km. So I think some times even US shipping is faster then shipping from our neighbors. =((
  5. mrzolkin

    yz450f 2007. White smoke. Please help.

    Thank you for all advices. ) I already have CAM Chain. ) Piston Rings will come soon. So I just need to order Piston from Japan. ) Lucky for me, I live near Japan, China and Korea. ) So I think Piston shipping will take about 7-10 days. But When I order from USA, usually it takes 30-40 days. =((( I hate our post. (
  6. mrzolkin

    yz450f 2007. White smoke. Please help.

    Jetting? =) I don't exactly understand. ) :"I am in this jetting change myself." - What does it mean? =) Yz was bought in US and transported to Russia about 3 years ago. ) Air filter cleaned. =( ===== Unfortunately I figured out some new information. =( To day I checked oil level before and after long ride, and it ate about 300ml oil. =( So I thins that the coolant problem doesn't fit here. Now, what part should I order? I already ordered Piston Rings from eBay and I think I will get them in a three weeks only. ( What should I order extra for sure? Piston?
  7. mrzolkin

    yz450f 2007. White smoke. Please help.

    Thank you guys!!! Can you tell me, If I burn some coolant on the open fire, will it have the same smell as going from the exhaust? Of course if I have coolant problem. I ride two times on bike in this condition. Nothing changed on his behavior. =) I'm talking about power characteristics. I will check coolant level next time when I test it. ) Thank you for your help! To day I'm going to burn some coolant!!! =)
  8. Hello from Russia. ) I have a problem with my YZ450F. I bought it recently and everything was fine. But last week I changed oil and my YZ began to smoke really bad. ((( And when you start cold engine on, there no smoke, but when it heats up ... so, you can see on video. ) Please help me. ) Coolant? Oil? What direction should I dig at? We have no specialists at this area in Russia, so I hope you guys will be able to help me distantly. ) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0k2zoq6S2SE&list=UUE2J1qEmEPGZwvGctY4RQ6A&index=1&feature=plcp