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  1. Apple Begins Rejecting Apps for Using the Unique Device Identifier (UDID) http://t.co/TKOEEa0g

  2. Going to see Hunger Games tonight… Not sure what it's about, but I hope they have food.

  3. RT @codinghorror evidence mounting for new MacBooks with 2880x1800 retina displays http://t.co/jHa7apuv

  4. DoD Networks Completely Compromised, Experts Say http://t.co/CKu3YUeM

  5. Unclear requirements are my worst nightmare. Scope creep too!

  6. Xcode update did not behave nicely! !@#$%^

  7. MBRequest - Easier API wrappers in iOS and OSX http://t.co/dynCyNCC #mac #dev

  8. Adobe unveils Photoshop CS6 beta with redesigned UI and 65 new features, download it for free today http://t.co/nIFYvrXq

  9. Optimizing Connections to the Apple Push Notification Service http://t.co/wlZjqi3q

  10. RT @scottw Nobody Cares About You http://t.co/DLgn7DZz -- Very true

  11. Finally got ruby 1.9.3 running on my Mac… wasn't a fun process!

  12. Heavy-handed iPhone and iPad Management Is Really Just Old Thinking By IT Directors http://t.co/JcqgK3ae

  13. RT @stuartkhall wow! .... Zynga’s bid for Draw Something may top $200 million http://t.co/NRAbQymt