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  1. I want to buy new radiator shrouds for my 1998 wr400 with a yz gas tank. When i bought the bike it already had aftermarket radiators. The part of the radiator that the plastic radiator shroud mounts to is at a 45 degree angle. I have seen radiators where the mounting part is straight. So what I need to know is what year yz came with radiators that have angled sides so I can order the correct plastics. Thanx
  2. I know my question has been answered somewhere here on TT but I can't seem to find it so sorry but I have to ask Is it true that when it comes to rear wheel compatibility on a 1998 Yamaha wr400f, the 98 wr rear axle is 20mm while 99 and up wr's have a 22mm rear axle which makes the 99 wheel incompatibile? I was thinking maybe 22mm bearings?
  3. I'm new to dirt biking and could use some good tire advice. I ride a wr450 in the Sierra's in California (PiPi valley, Deer Creek) and I'm not sure if I should get a Hard terrain or intermediate terrain tire. Does anyone else ride this area and if so what tire do you ride on? Thanks in advance.
  4. I want to lower the gear ratio on my 1993 xt350 cuz I only ride it on dirt. Anyone know a good ratio? I was thinking going to 58T in the back and leaving 19T in the front. Would this make a noticeable difference or should I go 18T in the front? And who has them cheap? thanx
  5. I have turn signals, gauges etc. off of a 1993 xt350 to anyone in need.