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  1. bman176

    TTR125 bigbore

    Bike is back together, There is noticeable vibration in the seat but feel nothing in the bars. Wheelies are no longer a problem.
  2. bman176

    TTR125 bigbore

    Right now I am just doing the big bore, Took out the balancer and will remove weight from the flywheel. Down the road i have a yz80 carb and will get a bigger head pipe bent up for the exhaust.
  3. bman176

    TTR125 bigbore

  4. bman176

    TTR125 bigbore

    Should have the spacer machined next week. Adding a boss to it for a external oil line.
  5. bman176

    TTR125 bigbore

    Everything finish clearanced.(<-- spelling ??) Solvent tanked cases, washed with soap and water. Now there in the dishwasher.
  6. bman176

    Have to replace the steering bearings

    Replace the dust seal. That is a clever tool. I use a long brass drift and a BFH. If all else fails on removing the bearing you can take a dremel and slit it almost in half and use a chisel to break it off, ( don't cut the shaft)
  7. bman176

    03 125 slips out of fourth after rebuild

    You can have the dogs back cut, They will never slip again but to shift you will have to clutch or hit the kill switch for a split second.
  8. Drain all the fluid, Clean the whole system. On the master cylinder verify that it is feeding the plunger fluid. With the cap off there are 2 VERY small holes , you should be able to see the plunger move under them. These get pluged easy.
  9. bman176

    TTR125 bigbore

    Clearancing the sleeve to miss the crank and cases. Had to relieve the piston skirt and the underside of the piston pin bosses to miss the crank.
  10. bman176

    Build thread....125 to 144 for single track

    The bike is running lean. The motor is over heating and it is squeaking the exhaust bridge. The exhaust bridge is the hottest part of the cylinder and will grow into the piston when lean. Reliving it 1-3 thou and chamfering all ports on the top and bottom works great. Cylinder looks great other than the wear points. Make sure its not thru the plating.
  11. bman176

    I found the rod.

    Yes the parts are going to end up on ebay. Welcome to phoenix its 110 out today, It can sit in my garage till winter. Weld the bottom shut and turn it into an ashtray ?
  12. bman176

    I found the rod.

    Not a complete waste, I got 2 brand new paddle tires with it. And have sold the the complete front end for 190.
  13. bman176

    2006 KX 250 .. project ? crazy maybe.

    Starting this year you also need a title in Arizona. If the bike has never been title its easier than if it has a title and they don't give it to you. You still have to do a bonded title. If hes telling the truth and he has a title in his name it is super easy. His phone call to you with him being pissed indicates he is full of poo. Get the vin number call the dmv, they can tell you if there's ever been a title issued for the bike. If there was never a title try to get the MSO, its easy to title with it.
  14. bman176

    I found the rod.

    Pinned coming into a corner and downshifted. Don't know if the rod snapped or the piston let go. Top of the piston is still in the cylinder, the skirt is in a million pieces. Lower rod end is still on the crank upper rod and wrist pin were just floating around.
  15. bman176

    I found the rod.

    Found a kx500 on craigs for a kx450f transplant. New piston, Blown up transmission. I get there, The bike rolls with the clutch in, Shifts fine, Kick starter is froze solid. Look under the bike there parts hanging out of the crank location. Only way I am intrested I tell him is if the cylinder is in good shape. He really wanted to sell the bike. 150 latter it was in the back of my truck. Took a sledge hammer to pound the lower mount bolt straight, so it would come out. The cases are bad. The cylinder is bad. The powervalves are bent. About the only good thing in the motor is the transmission.