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  1. scott610

    Left kick 610 question (s)

    Ok so now I have oil spitting from the joins between pipes and the silencer! Thinking I need a compression check as smoke and now oil points to the rings or valves! bugger.
  2. scott610

    Left kick 610 question (s)

    I actually did this yesterday, drained through the screen and to the right of that screen i have another plug which i also pulled to get the last bit out. I'll check that hose that you mentioned when i get back into the workshop thanks for that.
  3. scott610

    Left kick 610 question (s)

    Sorry It's a 97 bike however i do think the motor is 99/00.
  4. Hi folks,I'm new to this forum and I'm looking for some advice/information for my 610 left kick (Te610). I need to change the oil but the sump plug is seized solid and won't budge and I fear I'll make a mess of it trying to release it, so my first question is... If I use the bolt next to the sump plug (I've read it has a ball bearing at the end of it) will all the oil be released? From what I've also read there is a oil screen to clean on the right hand side of the engine is this the only screen? Lastly I fear the last time I put too much oil in it, my casing doesn't have a glass simply a nut in which when it starts to trickle out thats enough oil, so could someone tell me the correct amount to put in? To carry on with the too much oil, when the bike starts and on a run there is no smoke and runs brilliantly but if I stop in traffic she does blow quite alot of smoke out has anyone had this happen (The motor is fairly fresh after a rebuild with 10hrs on it so I can't think it's the rings making it smoke) Thanks for any help it's much appreciated. Scott.