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    Upgraded stator, no spark

    Wow, I'm a dummy. Thanks for that. The "ground" is definitely the ignition lead. It fired up first kick. That's unbelievable. It sat for 2 years, and all I did was add a gallon of fresh gas and make sure the jets weren't clogged. Well, and the stator. Anyway, it's time to spend some money on this thing.
  2. mat.t

    Upgraded stator, no spark

    I tried all 4 leads to cdi, with ground and without ground. And both leads of the exciter coils together to cdi. I did have to install the stator 120 degrees rotated to line up the wire grommet with the case opening. I didn't think it would affect anything. It didn't come with instructions. I'm going to call them tomorrow. On the old one, there was no ground. The wire attached to the body of it doesn't have a lead and the only continuity is to the exciter coil at 900 ohms. It worked, so I can always swap it back to troubleshoot. I just thought this would be a bit easier.
  3. I got an 88 xr600 a couple years ago and I'm now trying to get it running. It ran fine when I bought it, and at home for about a mile down the road. It quit suddenly like there was an electrical problem. Now I've replaced the spark plug and ignition coil. It has a Baja Designs kit on it and I assume the stator was part of it. There was spark on it but it looked weak and the bike wouldn't start. So I got one off ebay: http://www.ebay.com/itm/250989966417, and now there's no spark at all. Old stator, 1 ignition lead, 2 lighting leads New stator, 2 ignition leads, 2 lighting leads, 1 ground lead Ignition Coil Is the wiring wrong? Why is there a ground wire when the last one didn't have it? The primary coil is .6 ohm when it should be .1-.3 ohm. The secondary coil reads good. The exciter coils are open circuit, when the stock one should be 300 ohms. The lighting coils read 450 ohms, stock should be .44-.6 ohms. The pulse generator reads good. I'm not alarmed by the readings because of the modified electrical. The previous stator was 900 ohms on the exciter coil and open circuit on the lighting. Each set of 2 coils on both stators has continuity between each other too. I've tried 4 combinations for spark and nothing has worked: exciter coil to cdi, lighting coil to cdi, ground lead grounded, not grounded. On either type of coil: checking for AC volts I see up to 3 volts per kick, touching the positive lead and front brake lever I get up to 80 volts, and touching the ground lead and front brake lever I get a good shock. If someone's in northern CA and feels like fixing this thing asap, I've got a couple hundred $ waiting for you. I would drop if off at a shop but I'm moving soon. (to southern CA, so that would work too) Or any info would be appreciated.