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    Waking up the beast after a LONG slumber

    So I haven't ridden my 04 RM-Z250 since Sept 8th 2007, yes yes I know so mean! Anyway... After the 07 season I did all my normal winter maintenance, dropped all the old oil added fresh oil, removed all the fuel, cleaned air filter etc and placed onto stand.. During the winter I took a new job and just wasn't able to ride it for 2 summers, during the summer 2009 I did pull it out and bring and replaced the oil once again and added some fuel just to make sure she would start up, no real problems besides needing to put air in the tires. The next summer I lived out of country and placed my bike into a storage unit and last summer I traveled 3 weeks out of a month and bought a new house. Needless to say I haven't had a chance to ride, however this summer / spring that's going to change! Besides the normal checks etc what should I check over / address before I kick the bike over? Figured: replace all fluids (Oil, Coolent, Brake) New Plug Clean / Replace Air Filter & Oil Lube Chain Lube pivot points Check Throttle and clutch cable for any stick Replace fuel filter? Figure I should take off the carb and give it a good cleaning as well Anything else? Thanks!!!