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  1. That piston looks absolutely fine. And the carbon build up on top is completely normal. HOWEVER, you already have the jug off and pistons aren't too terribly expensive. Might as well throw a piston on it. It's already 20 hours on it anyways. Go ahead and check your valves while your at it. (My opinion)
  2. You said you like and can handle the power of a 250 2t but you do not like the maintenance required on your 4t. So get a 250 2t. Ive got a 450 and i personally think it has more power than i will ever use, however i dont do much track riding.
  3. I always figured "trx" meant something along the lines of "track" or "tracks". Beats me.
  4. Thanks. im relieved to hear that. Pre-owned defintely. I dont think i have ever bought anything like this new, including my sport bike. It just doesnt make sense to me and im an average human being making an average income so of course i have a budget.
  5. When going from a quad to a dirtbike you have to keep in mind that the dirt bike weighs about 150lbs less than a quad so you have to understand the power to weight ratio. A 125 is a lot of bike but he should fine. I personally dont favor any brand. I had a suzuki street bike and now have a honda dirtbike. Pick your color.
  6. I cant believe after riding the KX 450 you werent sold. Put gas in it and go. Thats why i bought my CRF 450. I do the same type of riding you do and i love the way the bike handles everything. The 450s seem so calm, like riding a horse where as a 250 is more of working the clutch. Id go with a 450 but thats just me. This is thumpertalk.com afterall.
  7. I just recently sold my street bike and wanted to get back into riding dirtbikes. I havent ridden dirt bikes in about 12 years. Anyhow i have been scowering craigslist for a few weeks and wondered upon a 2003 CRF 450 and a 2006 CRF 450. The guy with the 2003 wouldnt go lower than $1700 so i tried the guy with the 2006 and talked him down to $1800 over the phone. I figured $100 more and i can get a 3 year old newer bike probably with less hours on it. The owner of the bike told me that the previous owner before him had put around $1000 in the motor (im guessing rebuild). I was a little nervous hearing that but nonetheless i personally thought $1800 for the bike was great. I took it for a test drive and holy cow the thing is just straight nasty! It starts up the first couple of kicks and runs really well. It came with a Dr. D titanium pipe and sounds great. I am very new to dirt bikes and i think this thing is way more then i can handle, but i just love the damn thing. I think the swing arm bushing/bearing whatever are a little shot but its not too bad. The spokes on the back wheel are lose and im missing one tooth on my rear sprocket. I like this thing way more than any of the 2 strokes i had. I wish i could post a pic but i dont really know how to. What do you guys think?
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