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  1. yeah the chain was really tight when we pulled the cover. intake valves were messed up bad. i took the cylinder in to have a mechanic look at it and tell me if it needs to be replated. he said it does, so does anyone know of a good place to get it done that isnt going to break my pocketbook?
  2. Piston doesn't look bad has a little nick where it hit the valves, I ordered new valves and guides. Do I also need a new cam chain? Going to order the oil seals like you said. How about the piston will I need to replace that also? Thanks
  3. ripped the bike apart today. intake valves were bend up pretty good. cam chain was really tight i guess the bike jumped time and smashed the intake valves the exhaust valves were a little bent but nothing like the intake valves. ordered 4 new valves today. guess i need a new cam chain also? might as well rebuild the top end since its ripped apart. wondering if there is anything else i need to be checking? the piston has some wear on it. it doesnt have any play up and down just side to side. what else should i be checking before i try to put it back together?
  4. thanks i will start there
  5. New to dirt bikes. Bought a 05 RMZ450 the guy i bought it from had just had the timing chain and tensioner replaced. I rode it maybe 5 hrs. Changed the oil and cleaned air filter last night . Rode this morning bike running fine, I hit a little jump when i landed I heard a rattle clanging noise engine stopped. Tried to kick over bike kicked through the first time then locked up. I drained oil no metal shavings, pulled clutch cover, clutch looks ok as far as i can tell. Not sure what happened any ideas would be helpful. I am new dirtbikes and dont know where to start. Just know I dont have $2000 for a rebuild by a pro right now.
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