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  1. dwil4

    Vintage Dual Sport

    Not true at all..
  2. This site is absolutely FULL of smartasses and a large handfull of ignorance as well as you have already noticed. I have gotten lots of good help from here but you usually have to wade through alot of the stuff I stated above to find it. Lol. If u want that bike buy it,u can always sell it. Tons of people have smaller "play bikes". I am 255 pounds and I really enjoy riding my sons TTR 125. It actually pulls me just fine.
  3. dwil4

    How old were you when you knew?

    No doubt. Thay are fairly pricey these days but I will have another in the near future,I have a 17 month old and I would like to have one by the time he is 7 or 8 yrs old if the good lord lets me hang around.
  4. dwil4


    Depends on how bad they are. You can really rack up the hours trying to sand and polish but it does save money if you are a poor folk like me.. If I had the cash I wouldnt spend the time on them though ,it can be a pain in the A for sure.
  5. dwil4

    How old were you when you knew?

    My dad bought my brother and I a Honda CT70 in 1979,I was 8 at the time and I have been hooked for the last 40 yrs.(Well almost 40 yrs).. My brother rode some when we were kids but never had a bike of his own. For me it was a different story as I have had many many bikes since that first one and ill hopefully have many more if my wife dont get in the way. Lol. Just jumping on a dirt bike and taking off somehow seems to sooth me at the time and often times ill tell my wife " ill be back in a bit,I need to take a ride"...
  6. dwil4

    1985 Honda XR350R cam chain

    Good luck man. I have looked for the same thing as well. Thats the only draw back to this old bike, alot of it was one year only and that makes some parts impossible to find..
  7. dwil4

    Would you reuse this piston??

    Bingo! Jaguar ,Barry, mrsean,braap2 and fastoldwheelie...thats exactly what I thought and thats my intended purpose for it cause the rest of the bike is not much of a looker. The last time I checked the rings do the sealing and not the piston skirt anyway.. Lol. And to the last poster ,yea make me an offer,ill sell it. I ha e an 86 bottom end as well. Lol
  8. dwil4

    Would you reuse this piston??

    Lol. I would say that you are 100% correct.
  9. dwil4

    Would you reuse this piston??

    Yea ive had a small handful of them. The rest of the bike is rough and is missing several parts that I used on other 200's that I no longer have. I dont wanna sink several hundred into the motor and the rest of the bike. If I were gonna spend that much I would just find one already complete. I have other projects going on that are more important and this thing has been sitting here in my way so I thought instead of scrap it maybe ill get lucky and it will run for awhile and my uncle can ride with me some as he has no bike. XR200's are a dime a dozen and plentiful if I ever want another nice one but they are actually a little under powered for my liking. Grat trail bikes though, light and easy to handle.
  10. dwil4

    Would you reuse this piston??

    Lol. Yea man I know. The cylinder is gonna get a slight hone.
  11. dwil4

    Would you reuse this piston??

    I know the proper way but that wasnt my question. Lol.
  12. dwil4

    Would you reuse this piston??

    Its for sale if you are interested...
  13. If you had no money in this bike would you reuse this piston and just put some new rings in it and ride it till it dies? It came as a parts bike. The one pic that looks to be awful is actually much worse in the pic,the camera kinda magnified it. If you rub your finger over it you can not feel any ridges but you can slightly if you use your fingernail. Looking at that pic you are probably saying im FOS but no joke it is smooth to the finger. The PO had let it sit and it had rusted up and froze. Anyway let me hear your thoughts.
  14. Who the hell washes a dirt bike anyway??? Lol