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  1. Wow...Thanks Mr. Blower,your replies were so helpful..
  2. I also have an 85 XL 350 (Been stripped down for dirt)that is dual carb and you can twist it as quick as you want but you better hold on. It is geared fairly low so it will try to buck you off. I have had it for almost 20 yrs and it never fails to crank no matter how I treat it or how long I let it sit. Looks pretty rough but it is the most dependable bike I have ever had.
  3. I havent checked that myself but I am gonna. The shop ,I'm guessing, checked that.?? I have the nice factory service manual also.
  4. Ok,well that tells me one thing...All my 4 strokes have ran smoother than yours I guess. Lol. "40 yrs bore that out"??? I'm not sure what that means but seriously man, I have never had this issue. Any bike I have ever had you could blip the throttle and get a response,not bogging. Maybe I've been the only human to have been so lucky since you swear that every 4 stroke on earth definitely has that issue,I dont know for sure though cause I havent taken a pole on this topic. No reason for aggression bud but all I can tell you is that I've not had this problem but it seems that many have. I believe I will eventually get it straightened out though or maybe not..👍. Anywho I do appreciate everyone that has taken time to shoot me advice. Thanks.
  5. Hep me hep me pleeese ... Where are the experts?
  6. Any thoughts on maybe like a 98 XR400 carb?
  7. I adjusted the valves and had the shop check them a few weeks ago and they said that they thought the chain may be stretched a bit as well. The needle doesn't really feel like it has any imperfections in it but I'm sure any tiny amount of difference from factory could make for an issue. Does anyone know what size needle or seat this carb has?
  8. I have an 85 XL350 that has a cobra exhaust that is gutted and it is loud as hell. I bought it that way about 20 yrs ago. I have 2 85 XR350's, one with a Supertrap exhaust the isn't too loud and one with a factory pipe that is fairly quite.. I'm guessing that the XL factory pipe was a little more muffled but I may be wrong. Sorry I didnt really answer your question. Lol
  9. I dont remember but I will look and get back to u asap...
  10. 1st of all why would you be excited about some other Male human that may have rode your bike?? Maybe he puts his pants on a different way than the rest of us??
  11. That tammie looks like an RT360. I would buy the Kawi if the price was decent. Cool bike
  12. I have been thinking about maybe an XR400 carb? Also Ihave been trying to find individual parts for this Keihin carb. I'm not 100% sure if I'm looking for the correct parts. I was told the needle and seat is worn. The needle has 65D on it but the seat has no markings.
  13. Inquiring minds want to know...
  14. Na man,I've had tons of bikes over my 40 yrs of riding and it's not, I'm my experience ,a 4 stroke thing. Maybe I'm the only one that's never had that problem but I've never had a bike that "that's just the way it is". I've always been able to get all my bikes spot on but this one is not giving in at all. I mean no disrespect but I've honestly never had a bike that "always did that". That's why this one has me bumfuzzled..😡