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  1. dwil4

    Can I re-use these? 97 XR 200...

    Thanks Chuck. I think I have decided to opt out of spending any time and money on it. XR200's are a dime a dozen anyway. I already got more use from it in parts than what I gave for it. There is obviously some good usable parts on it and I'll prob just post them up for sale somewhere. Anyone here need a part let me know. Thanks for the reply Chuck
  2. I gave $75 for this bike for the plastics/ sprockets and some other cosmetic stuff a couple years ago and it's just been sitting around so I decided to tear into it and see what I could find. The dude just said it was locked down so I figured he ran it without oil or something. Anyway the piston came free relatively easy and the clinder wasn't too bad so I thought cool, he just didnt know what had happened as lt was just rusted a bit in the ring area. So I thought cool, ill hone the cylinder a bit, put some rings in it and hopefully I'll have a cheap running bike. Well I discovered this today and I am wondering what else could be going on with it and is it worth my time to fool with it. What do you guys think? I'm guessing most of you would trash it huh?
  3. dwil4

    Funniest sales ad ever

    Funny as hello...
  4. I have had many many bikes over the years and have had several that I wish I still had. All have been dirt bikes as ive never cared for street bikes. My 1st was a 1972 Honda CT70 that I wish I had for sure. I had a 1974 or 75 Honda MT250 Elsinore and a 1974 or 75 Yamaha TY175 trials bike just to name a few of the more rare ones I would love to still have. Had a couple of early 1980's YZ 125's and several others I wish I still had as well...
  5. dwil4

    Stupid owning two pairs of gloves?

    Actually none of the above..
  6. dwil4

    Stupid owning two pairs of gloves?

    1st off.....WHO THE F NEEDS GLOVES TO RIDE A BIKE???? I have been riding for 40yrs and have never once during that time thought "you know what,I need some gloves to ride"...I also dont need a head to toe matching suit to ride like apparently everyone else does these days..
  7. dwil4

    Cold Weather Engine Break-In

    40's wont matter man. Just proceed as normal.
  8. If u say u both can normally ride all day on a tank then u shouldnt even need gas but to be safe get on of these, put 2 stroke gas in the large side and 4 stroke gas in the small side. The 2 stroke will burn more gas and with my suggestion u will have more 2 stroke gas and if u need to use some of it in the 4 stroke then it isnt gonna hurt a thing. There u go bro. Now u have one tank. You're welcome. Lol
  9. Use one can and run 2 stroke gas in both of bikes. There you go,problem solved. Now you dont have the scary, insane ,god awful aggravating,unbelievably tough, horrible idea of having 2 gas jugs....
  10. dwil4

    1984 XR 80. Help

    Actually I did. Socalxr said in a reply on page 1 (at the bottom) that everything 84 and before will fit
  11. dwil4

    1984 XR 80...

    Can someone tell me the factory sizes for the main jet and slow jet?? Thanks in advance.
  12. dwil4

    1985 Honda XL350R

    He is right. Alot of parts are very hard to find. Thats the bad part of alot of older bikes especially when they qere only made 2 or 3 yrs. I also have 2 1985 XR 350's and the same problem exists.
  13. dwil4


    Yes it will flash in a hurry. You need to rinse it well and then use baking soda and water . Slosh it around good then rinse again. I dont usually do the baking soda because I just try to work fast and get away without it. I use a rag or paper towels to "dab" out the water that I cant pour/shake out and then I pour in a bottle of alcohol,slosh it around good to get the water in the seams. I then pour/shake out as much alcohol out then lay it on its side,position a hair dryer into it and turn it on and let it run on low for a bit to dry the tank. This has worked well for me many times. U can also coat the tank with a number of things if its gonna sit for awhile before refilling. I normally use Marvel Mystery Oil or whatever I have on hand.
  14. dwil4


    Vinegar is by far the cheapest and it is my number 1 weapon on rust. If u havent tried it then I challenge you to give it a shot. It will make a metal tank all nice and shiney inside. I I keep a gallon or two on hand. I also mix a little in with my work clothes to help with the "work" smell. Its a multi purpose product around here. Lol
  15. dwil4

    1985 Honda XL350R

    There are two "tubes" that lie between the carbs connecting them. Be careful not to mess those up..