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  1. You are right ,thats normally the response on this site. I was just hoping maybe someone else had been the guinea pig so I didn't have to. Lol. I did rebuild my sons TTR125 February 2017 with a aftermarket kit that was the cylinder,piston,rings,wrist pin and gaskets for $67 and here we are over a year later and it still runs flawlessly. Anyway,I will definitely report back when I get it going. It may be a few weeks though as I have other bike projects underway. Thanks for the replies everyone
  2. I bought the kit. I will report back when I get it done.
  3. I just sold an 02 XR200. The 200's are very easy/fun to ride and more capable than some may think. I do and always will prefer the older stuff no doubt. The newer stuff to me is not pretty and they all look the same except their color. I will get some pics up in a day or 2.
  4. Come on,, . Hit me with some thoughts
  5. I ended up buying a pair of 85 XR350R's.
  6. Anyone else have some thoughts?
  7. Yea,I bought this bike for less than $100 for a the parts as the motor was supposed to be trash. It has sat here for 2 yrs and the other day I say "What the hey" I'm gonna take the thing apart to see and to my surprise it was not bad in there. The bearings in the bottom end seem ok by feel so I'm gonna give it a shot.
  8. If it is oxidized to the point that it is white crusty then the ONLY thing that will work is scraping it (which looks like shit because all the scrape marks) or sanding which is what you would need to do after scraping anyway. Unless you don't really care how it looks...
  9. I have an old 97 xr200 motor that was stuck so I took it apart and it came unstuck fairly easy but left behind a little build up on the cylinder walls. I'm gonna clean that up and see what happens. This came on a parts bike that I got in a deal so I have no money in it and I dont wanna spend much on it. My plan is to throw it back together on the cheap and hope for the best. If it lasts awhile that's cool if it blows apart then I have nothing in it. Get my drift?? Lol. Anyway if you ha e thoughts let's hear em.
  10. northcarolina

    Rockcrusher Farms in Hayesville. Look em up on Facebook. They just changed their schedule so they are not open every weekend now..
  11. Please don't claim to be a mechanic then!
  12. Sheeew...That ain't flash red!
  13. Thanks for the reply.
  14. Is the stock header pipe ok? Should I just get a muffler?