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  1. dirtbikesteve

    Suzuki 06 kingquad 700 4x4

    what size battery do i need in my kingquad the guy i got it from just put a 250 four wheeler battery in it just so he could use the pull start so need to now what size i need and what size ngk spark plug i need
  2. dirtbikesteve

    king quad 700

    the belt isnt slipping but it could be the clutch not sure
  3. dirtbikesteve

    king quad 700

    i cleaned it but it still tops out at 48mph
  4. dirtbikesteve

    new carb for atk

    i have a atk 605 2001 model was woundering if there are other carbs out there that will fit dont like the kind that they put on the bike it has the two individual floats is there a way to put another carb all together on it
  5. dirtbikesteve

    Suzuki king quad 700

    just bought a 06 king quad 700 and i dont think it is getting the speed that it should be getting the top speed i am getting is only 47 mph was woundering if that is top speed or what can i do to make it go faster
  6. dirtbikesteve

    need new plastic for my 2001 atk 605

    what name brand of plastic would work for my 605 dont want to buy new plastic and it not fit
  7. dirtbikesteve

    2001 atk 605

    what do i need to do about it cuting out at high rpms put new plug in could it be the carb
  8. dirtbikesteve

    Banshee no fire

    have not checked it
  9. dirtbikesteve

    2001 atk 605

    thanks for the sites
  10. dirtbikesteve

    Banshee no fire

    yes it is on
  11. dirtbikesteve

    Yamaha Banshee no fire

    I have a 04 banshee has new plugs new cdi new stater and flywheel still not sparking the four wheeler was sitting for about a year what do I need to check next
  12. dirtbikesteve

    2001 atk 605

    Don't now on the miles were to order the belt from and it busting up at high rpms put new plug in but didn't clear it up could the carb need cleaning
  13. dirtbikesteve

    2001 atk 605

    just bought my first atk 605 yesterday sounds like it has some valve noise if it is does anyone now what they should be tightend to or could the timeing belt be going out seen that itwas belt driven that is something new to me and it is cutting out to when i try to get into it hard what could that be and any info good or bad about this model i have owned the 406 models first 605
  14. i have a atk 605 and a husky tc 570 love them
  15. dirtbikesteve

    Question about ATK 2 strokes

    i guess the kick start problem is a problem for all models i have a 89 atk 406 it had the same problem sent it to my mechinist and he done something to it does not have that problem any more love the power of a american dirt bike they are great