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  1. Oh yeah I didn't realize I was in the Thumpette forum, sorry for any confusion this may have caused.
  2. SuMo wheels, For a drz400s was able to get a great deal on a S but after a 5 mile ride on the Pirelli MT21's that came with the bike I decided it needs to be way more street-able. Sure the area that I live in has lots of dirt roads but it also has many paved snakes winding their way through the hills. BTW great video I would love to get some track time but the closest track is a four hour drive which turns two hours at a track into a ten hour day. Also I decided on a SuMo like set up because you just don't see them on the roads around here Hillbillies gotta have a Harley and the collage kids think the only bike to have is a GSXR1000.
  3. Motostrano. They seem to have a problem getting Hoops, Then hubs, and now the story is spokes. I figure next week when the spokes get in they will be all out of nipples. And I will still be sitting, not riding
  4. Well, today was dishes, mop the floor and I pickled some eggs. Most other days I seem to take apart the bike and put it back together those are my typical winter days. But unfortunately if this were the dead of summer I would still not be riding because I have been waiting for a set of rims to get here, six weeks is a very long time to wait.