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  1. let me start in the middle of this story then we will get to the beginning. so i purchased a Yoshimura RS-4 system on ebay from a retailer after doing so i knew i wouldn't be happy until i had what i wanted and that was the RS-4D system. So i emailed the place were i purchased the RS-4 system and they said that they did not have any. I decided not to bolt it on or take it out of its original packing and try to sell it on here. Today a fellow member came on, Thanks drzadam, and told me to call their customer service and maybe they have parts you can change out or maybe they will exchange it. I thought of that but with past experience i thought it was a lost cause. I thought to myself its worth a shot. Called the customer service line and i actually talked to a person not a computer. Actully she sounded kinda hot but thats another story. I told her my situation and she told me if i send them the system i have and if everything looked good and that it could be resold that they would send me the RS-4D system as long as i pay the difference. WELL HELL YEA i will pay the difference. I gotta say i never had alot of luck with customer service. I would be on hold for 30 mins then i would talk to one person then another each time having to explain my story or problem every time. I would literally have to set 2 hours aside. If any you guy or girls have spoken with a cell provider then you know what i mean. With Yoshimura customer service i was on the phone 5 maybe 10 mins tops. I feel as if the big business industry has lost touch with good customer service but not Yoshimura. So now lets back up to the beginning......To the Delorean I had somewhat the same problem with a Leo Vince system i had. I bought this system (X3 full titanium system about a thousand dollars) and then sold the bike before i could put it on. i called there customer service and told them my situation and that i needed something for my 2011 and they pretty much told me tough luck buddy. that's why i don't have their system on my bike now. You know what was also really farked up? The system that i had was an enduro system for a kxe250f yes that no a typo. i have road Kawi ever since i was 12 and i have never heard of of one. i did some research and they are in Europe. so i was sold an exhaust system for a bike in Europe. i told Leo Vince customer service this and they replied saying that it would mount up. THAT DOESN'T MATTER ITS FOR AN ENDURO!!! so now i have this system that can do nothing with. i was trying to sell it actually on here but decided why am i going do this to someone else. Then i would be as bad as them. so fellow Tumpers what are your thoughts.
  2. MrGoo

    Need Service Manual 01 KX 125

    I found it thanks anyway chump
  3. MrGoo

    Need Service Manual 01 KX 125

    Thanks Ahole. Next time you ask for directions I hope they tell you to go buy a map now get lost.
  4. If anyone could help me out with a PDF that would be ...............narlee
  5. MrGoo

    guys show me your kawasakis

    mtnbiker Sweet looking bike. Who makes the graphics?
  6. Why can't I post

    1. Wolfy KF450F

      Wolfy KF450F

      Mr. Goo !! Im looking for an upper fork tube for kx450f that you had as a part out last month in classifieds... Do you still have parts for it?

  7. Why can't I post

  8. Why can't I post

  9. Why can't I post