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    Pissed at Honda

  2. gvdirt

    Beginner Bike Crf 250r

    The wide ratio transmission on the crf250x and wr models is where it is at. Your race model bikes have a closed ratio tranny and can cause stalling that is aggravating for a new rider. Also the 250x and wr has much better suspension. Keep in mind the Honda crf250x since 05 had electric start. Not sure when Yamaha started with electric start. You will grow into anyone of those bikes.
  3. gvdirt

    2011 CRF450 FI

    As far as the on/off I think you mean a fuel shut off? fuel injected bikes do not have that, and no on/off switch? would not stop any thief if those options were there. If you are new to dirt bikes I would not by a 450 race bike of any color. I would look in the which bike should I buy section of the forum.
  4. gvdirt

    07 450X Rode 1 time will not start

    I will check all these things seems to be a heavy gas smell ? I will keep you updated
  5. I bought a 2007 450X the orginal owner rode the bike one weekend, and let it sit for five years. After brought the bike home I removed the carb. I had a local dealer rebuild and set up with a JD jet kit. The bike immediatley started and idled. After I rode all day with several starts and stops, with no problems. I took to the car wash and after the bike sat for a couple weeks it will not start. I did discover in an attempt to start the prior installed a cheapy autolite plug, I changed to a OE NGK plug, the bike still will not start. I need help figuring out the problem! The bike has 66 miles on the trip meter very low hours, I just need to know were to look.