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  1. EmsMonkey

    92 dr350 carb problem?

    Bike starts and warms up just fine. Once ive ridden a bit ( as little as 5min) The bike will start to rev really high when in nutral and when I pull the clutch in. It revs to about 5500rpms. It does this while at a stop and while shifting. When it does this at a stop I can hold the brake in and slowly let out the clutch to drop the rpms. The bike is a stock 92 dr350s. Kick start only with a recently cleaned carb. Is this a carb problem or could it be something else? Maybe air leak or... Any ideas would be much appreciated. thanks Monkey
  2. EmsMonkey

    DR350 Panniers?

    Hey! Does anyone know of a company that makes dr350 panniers? I know TCI makes some. Tho I would rather have hard bags. Im looking to buy a mount so Ive got something to attach ammo can panniers. Does anyone have specs or designs to make your own rack? Im not above building one myself.