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  1. Bike starts and warms up just fine. Once ive ridden a bit ( as little as 5min) The bike will start to rev really high when in nutral and when I pull the clutch in. It revs to about 5500rpms. It does this while at a stop and while shifting. When it does this at a stop I can hold the brake in and slowly let out the clutch to drop the rpms. The bike is a stock 92 dr350s. Kick start only with a recently cleaned carb. Is this a carb problem or could it be something else? Maybe air leak or... Any ideas would be much appreciated. thanks Monkey
  2. Hey! Does anyone know of a company that makes dr350 panniers? I know TCI makes some. Tho I would rather have hard bags. Im looking to buy a mount so Ive got something to attach ammo can panniers. Does anyone have specs or designs to make your own rack? Im not above building one myself.
  3. So i got it all fixed and working. The new flasher in conjunction with my battery back and fully charged fixed the problem. For future reference the flashed is behind the headlight to the right (if your looking at the front of the bike.
  4. I gotta check again. The huge bundle of wires is slightly intimidating. If thats the only problem its a pretty easy $10 fix. The other problem is if the flasher is where I think it is its somewhere under the tank. This is a problem because without the bike running I cant test anything (no battery) Ill just have to get into it and see.
  5. The current fronts are also 2 wire. I think stock was a 3 wire set up with dual filament bulbs. Any idea where the flasher relay is located on the bike? I cant seem to find the dang thing.
  6. Hey all. I recently picked up a 92 DR350S (Kick start) But it has some turn signal problems. When the bike is on the headlight will come on, and the tail light works fine. The problem is the front running lights arnt coming on. The only time I get them to come on is when I use the turn signal. When I do that both front and rear light will come on but not flash. This happens on both sides. I believe the PO replaced the stock signals with some aftermarket ones. Its running 12v23w singal filament mini halogen bulbs (If that helps) Im not really sure where to start with sorting this out. Tho I did buy a new set of bulbs. Any way... Any thoughts? Anything I should look at or check? Thanks Monkey