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  1. gsxrcraig

    XR400 losing oil

    Thanks I will check out the lines and see if I find anything. Its not the countershaft seal, as that was my first thought. It not my shock fluid either. Lot of good places for me to start. Thanks again
  2. gsxrcraig

    XR400 losing oil

    Hi guys New to this forum, lots of good info here. I have a early 2000's XR400 with mikuni pumper carb, white brothers high rev kit, k&n filter, etc. I ride this mainly around our farm in the summer time and it sits in our shed all winter. I have had it parked for 2-3 months without toughing it and all it fine, I go out to the shop the other day and all the oil is on the floor. This is the second time it has happened. One other time this summer it was sitting there and then all the sudden it dumps all the oil. I haven's seen it lose the oil but it seems to dump it all pretty fast, not drip. I think it is comming out of the breather up front as there isn't any sign it is comming from any where else. Do you guys have any ideas? It doesn't seem to burn any oil. Thanks